Why a Roof Inspection Before Hurrican Season is So Important

The 2017 hurricane season was devastating for millions of people from Texas to the Caribbean. Three extremely powerful hurricanes ripped through these areas leaving flooding, power outages, and devastation in its wake. On August 25th hurricane Harvey hit Texas and dumped 27 trillion gallons of water over the region in a six day period. Then on September 6th an remarkable category five hurricane hit the caribbean causing major devastation, only to be followed by another category five, Hurricane Maria, causing equal chaos. While hurricanes that are category three and higher…

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Why Cleaning Your Roof Matters

Collapsing roofs can be the stuff of nightmares. All it takes is one big hurricane or earthquake, and your home could be done-in by Mother Nature herself. Who’s on your side then? Definitely not the insurance companies, you just became their nightmare. Roofing contractors are as friendly as you pay them, but they’ll always look out for their own interests financially and legally. If you haven’t finished paying off your mortgage, odds are the bank won’t be too happy either. Now, with Mother Nature, the outcomes are always unpredictable. Your…

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Effective garden management: Using the best sprinklers for large areas

Garden management

If you are living in an open area, free from the constraints of being surrounded on all sides, chances are you have a garden all to yourself. It is the best way to make use of an open area. Not only a place to relax in, it also serves as a common area for hosting parties or organizing children’s play days. But there is not only the fun element that is attached to it. Owning a garden comes with several responsibilities, one of the most important being water. Many people…

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