4 Types Of Most Commonly Used Carpet For Your Home

Choosing the right and best suited carpet for your house is one of the most responsible and difficult task. Carpet which suits the rest of your interior of home and your lifestyle. However, not just looks but also maintains of the carpet matters a lot. Choosing easy to maintain and clean carpet is best for busy lifestyle and also long-lasting carpet which won’t get damaged from your everyday task. There are many types of fabrics available in the market. Every fabric has its unique properties making it fit according to the needs of the customer buying carpet.Also, maintaining and cleaning is very important factor when buying carpets, Carpets should be cleaned regularly to keep them new and healthy. In many cities they are carpet cleaning services available in market. If you stay in bay city you can use any local Bay City Carpet Cleaning Service.

Below are the 4 types of Carpets.


After cotton, jute is one of the mostly used fabric. Jute is used in clothing industries as well, but the carpet made up of Jute is dust proof and doesn’t attract dust like other fabrics. People suffering from allergy can use jute carpets. Also, the carpet is moisture resistant and are absolutely easy to maintain from dust. Jute carpets are eco-friendly strong and look amazing on floor. Jute carpets should not be exposed to sunlight for much time, because they can get baked due to sun heat. The only hard task of maintaining jute carpets is when they come across with stain. Stains cannot be removed easily in jute carpets. Though some experts techniques of Cleaning for removing the stain easily.


 Wool Carpet are best suited for people you stay in cool climate ,because Wool Carpet servers Warmth to the home. There are lots of varieties of the wool carpets from stylish to simple and sweet patterns. The many advantages of Wool Carpet is it suits to all types of interior designs. They are soft and stains can be easily removed from Wool Carpets. But dust and microbes get easily settled on Wood Carpets. So people having dust allergies should not opt for wool carpets. However, if you clean them regularly with steam cleaning machine then they can be easily maintained through dust and dirt.


Synthetic carpets are made up of polypropylene, nylon and other artificial material. These are one of the most cheap carpets available in the market and also very easy to maintain and clean them. But aren’t long-lasting. Synthetic Carpets should not be cleaned by steam heating and also the fire and other types of heat should not come in touch with carpets otherwise they will melt. Synthetic Carpets used be cleaned regularly, many carpet cleaning professionals use dry carpet cleaning techniques to clean the Synthetic rug


 These Carpets are also natural and although it’s not as popular as other carpets made from natural materials. Though they are good to use, because they are resistant to humidity and moisture and also dust proof sometimes. They should be cleaned through vacuum cleaner regularly. The stains cannot be removed in sisal carpets, hence stains should be Highly avoided keeping them clean and fresh on the floor.

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