5 things you need to know before a kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are a big deal. And while the idea of having a new kitchen sounds great, there is a lot that must be done before it can actually be enjoyed. Countless homeowners get so excited about the idea of a new kitchen that they fail to properly prepare for the entire process. Instead, they look at a few photos from the first kitchen provider they speak with and hire them on the spot.

This can lead to disappointment with the kitchen not looking as the homeowner wanted. The thing is, avoiding this disappointment is quite simple. Preparing for the process not only makes a kitchen renovation easy, but it will also ensure that it looks perfect once completed. Here are the 5 things you need to know before a kitchen renovation.

1.) Know what is wanted

Many homeowners never really have an idea of what their ideal kitchen looks like. They see a few nice looking kitchens online and simply say they want something like that. This can be problematic since these photos are likely to have several conflicting features and styles that don’t really match. To avoid this from happening, create a list of what should be done during the kitchen renovation.

2.) D.I.Y. versus kitchen provider

Those wanting to renovate their kitchen must decide if they want to try and do it themselves or hire a kitchen provider to handle the project. Both have pros and cons and each one must be considered carefully. For most people, the biggest issues will be time and money. Handling a kitchen renovation as a D.I.Y. project can take months, if not years, as things are done gradually over time. Utilising the services of a kitchen provider will ensure the renovation is completed quickly, but it will likely be more expensive.

3.) Understand the space

The space of a kitchen will dictate just what renovations can be done. If a kitchen is small, large cabinets might not be wise to install. In addition to this, it might not be possible to have an island or other features that might be desirable. Everything depends on the total floor space available. Homeowners will need to understand what’s possible given their space and ensure the renovations fit.

4.) What to do during the renovation

The length of a kitchen renovation varies and scheduling it is important. Some homeowners may not want to deal with the mess and noise of a renovation and opt to schedule their holiday during this time. Others may try to stay at home so they can oversee how things are going.

5.) What to do with the appliances

The refrigerator, stove and microwave are the heart of any kitchen. However, if a dramatic stylistic change is being planned, these may no longer look good in the kitchen once it has been renovated. Make sure to decide on what to do with appliances before renovations begin to eliminate this potential headache.

The easiest way to avoid surprises during a kitchen renovation is to prepare for it beforehand. This will ensure a smooth process that ends with you being able to use the kitchen of your dreams.

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