5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

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The garage is often a messy, neglected area which is used to store your vehicle or various other belongings. It is often left to its own device and continually gathers clutter and unwanted items. There are numerous ways to reinvent your garage and have it looking brand new within a couple of days. With a bit of organisation, and some DIY work you can transform this space into a clean, spacious area in a matter of no time.

Here are 5 great ways to improve and upgrade your garage space:

  • Install Ceiling Storage

Most people forget that you can install ceiling storage devices to the roof of your garage to maximise space. In general, a garage is not a spacious, wide area and finding ways to improve storage areas can be challenging, but you can easily get your belongings off the floor with a little DIY work by installing a ceiling storage area. It will help remove and de-clutter your garage, in addition, it is cost-effective and easily assembled by any competent DIY enthusiast.

  • Wall Brackets and Braces

A lot of residential garages are used to store garden equipment such as hedge trimmers, rakes, and other utilities. Furthermore, most homeowners use their garages to stock their tools and other home maintenance equipment. All of these items take up a huge amount of space and can make your garage really chaotic. Wall brackets and braces are perfect for storing these objects and getting them off the garage floor.

Another option to store your tools is to build a wall mounted workbench which can easily fold up when not in use.

  • Complete Storage System

If you are a skilful DIY enthusiast maybe you should consider going all out and constructing a complete storage system which can be mounted to the side of your garage wall. This structure can be designed to hold anything from your power tools to garden accessories. The main advantage of creating your own storage unit is that you can customise it to suit your needs.

  • Install Insulated Garage Doors

If you find that your garage is a little frosty during the winter months, you should consider installing insulated garage doors. Products like roller shutter doors are excellent for heat regulation and can be purchased in a wide variety of colours, so you should have no issues finding one which suits your homes exterior décor. Your garage doors are often one of the first features visitors see so it is nice to make a good impression by fitting a beautifully designed, customised product.

  • Upgrade Your Interior Door

Although not as noticeable as your garage door, it should still be given attention. It is the access point for your family to enter your home and it can be kept pristine if not neglected. A simple splash of fresh paint can make your door look brand new, but if it is in seriously bad shape you might consider replacing it with a new one.

Your perfect home should have a beautifully designed garage to compliment it, consider these tips to help improve this often-neglected area.

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