6 Signs You need a New Heating System

A failed heating system in the cold can be the worst nightmare for you. It leaves you struggling to find a temporary heat source or with emergency repair service which sure is going to burn a hole in your pocket. And with people trying to save money nowadays replacing an old heating system is often neglected. But using old or out-of-dated unit SHOULD be replaced as you shall be saving future costs.

Luckily, a heating system gives numerous signs before it finally bids you good bye so you don’t have to worry about getting a sudden surprise. All you need to do is both listen and look closely for these signs:


Furnaces happen to have an average life of 16-20 years nowadays. Do not wait for some problem to surface. When your furnace approaches this age, make up your mind and start looking for a new one.

 In case, you are not too sure about the age of furnace, check the sticker on the inside panel. That should tell you about the date of manufacture. It is a really old model if it has pilot light.

Survival of Several Repairs:

There is a good chance it is time for replacing your heating system if it has survived too many major repairs to count. Like appliances and cars, furnace need repairs quite often. Furnace repairs tends to be a slippery slope you can sometimes end up paying more for a repair than replacement. Spending few thousand dollars for a new system seems like a much better option than regular repairs. Doesn’t it?

Odd Sounds from System:

If you have spent a years with your heating system, you are familiar with its sounds and quirks. Like people and old houses, the older a heating system gets, the more it creaks, groans and moans. A sound and healthy furnace only makes a noise when it is kicked on but is quiet rest of the time. Squealing, rattling and banging sounds indicates it is seeing its last days.

The good news? If you need a new furnace, you have plenty of good options to consider at Summit Heating.

Increasing Utility Bills:

As heating system ages, its efficiency begins to go downhill especially if with poor maintenance. Check your electric and gas bills for increased usage. With time, the system requires more energy to do the job and consumes more.

Home Isn’t Really Comfortable:

As system shows its age, its performance shall decline and if you see some rooms are freezing while some are too warm that makes you fiddling with the thermostat knobs, it’s a sign you need replacement. Furnace with sound working condition maintains a uniform temperature throughout your home.

Pilot Color:

With furnace heating, you are familiar with the blue flame, if it starts to get yellow or flicker along with soot streaks on exterior, it poses a serious problem. It means that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are being produced.

Do not attempt anything yourself and get it checked immediately as it is a dangerous situation.

 If you notice any of the above mentioned signs or need a tune-up, call Summit Heating right away for professional quality heating system services!

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