7 Errors People Commonly Make When They Pack Large Appliances

It’s quite some task to move all of your household and personal items from one home to another which involve a range of moving responsibilities which must be completed. Of course, the job of moving homes involves all kinds of activities, and some will be more testing than others, with packing being the most notorious time waster known.


When you consider all the time and energy used when packing up a home, it’s hardly surprising that things do occasionally go awry.  To help you with your move as much as possible, below are 7 common packing blunders which many people make when moving.

1 – Select a Starting Point

The hardest part about packing is choosing when to begin. It doesn’t matter whether you decide on packing smaller items first, or work on a room to room basis, selecting the starting point will help you to work out how long it will take to finish the job.

2 – Choose the Correct Sized Boxes

You will need various types of boxes which will all depend on what you want to move. Also, get a couple more than you think you require and start to pack things up which you really won’t be using as you get closer to your moving date.

3 – Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Out there are some folk who can just pack everything up and move out in no time at all. But most of us normal people need about a month to completely pack up everything and be ready. Get in touch with removal companies in York early, don’t leave everything till the last moment.

4 – Ensure You Have the Correct Tools

Packing goes so much faster when using the right tools. Any shortage of boxes, tape, or bubble wrap is going to slow you down and especially when it occurs close to moving day. Get everything you require and a little more prior to starting.

5 – Box Labels Are Essential

Make a clear list of what is in which box and then label each one. This makes a big difference later on when opening them in the right room in the new home. If you have a load of boxes minus any label, opening them is going to be similar to playing Russian roulette!

6 – Place All Fragile Items into Larger Boxes

Yet one more common mistake which folk make is packing things like picture frames and mirrors into boxes that fit perfectly. Instead, give these fragile items some needed breathing space with packing to reduce the chances of damage.

7 – Pack an Essentials

Most of us have moved home before and packed up important day to day items, not thinking that we will need them soon after arrival. So, don’t forget to put aside a box of things you will need soon after moving.

And that should do it! Have a great move and good luck at your new home!

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