A Boiling Water Tap is a Must-have Tea-time Accessory

You simply cannot enjoy tea in the UK if your kitchen is not equipped with a boiling water tap. This convenient device makes it possible for you to enjoy tea at the mere touch of a button. The boiling water tap is well-appreciated in commercial environments where waiting for a kettle to boil can disrupt general operations. Some of the taps also include the delivery of sparkling or chilled water, which makes them highly desirable product choices.

Save Both Money on Time When Making Tea

If you use a boiling water tap at home, you will enjoy cost savings that the tap provides. Again, you do not have to spend extra energy or time waiting for a kettle to boil. Therefore, a boiling water tap is something that is necessary if you like to drink tea.

A Safer Way to Make Tea

Looking at some of the designs and features of boiling water taps online may encourage you to replace an existing water tap or stop using a kettle permanently. For example, one of the displayed taps allows the user to set the tap to a finger and thumb operation to access boiling water. This feature eliminates accidental use. The unit can also be set to the boiling isolation mode so it is safer to operate.

Indicator Lights Add to the Convenience

Today, taps are designed with longer spouts for added convenience. These spouts also accommodate under-mount sinks. The levers on the tap can be turned in either direction. Therefore, you can pull the lever up for hands-free filling of pots or pull the lever down to fill teacups. Indicator lights allow you to choose from chilled or boiled water as well. The lights also allow users to know when the filter should be replaced.

Save on Your Power Consumptions

For added efficiency, many of the modern taps today feature a concealed light sensor. This special amenity powers off the tap when the room is dark. The sensor also causes the tap to power off if it has not been used for a couple of hours. However, the temperature of the water never falls below 18 degrees Celsius, even when the tap is in the sleep mode. You can also configure the tap so it power downs on the weekends and restarts again on Monday.

Advanced Filtration

Many of the taps offer installation flexibility, as they can be fitted over a sink or away from a sink. They also filter the water so it makes a better tasting cup of tea. For example, some models feature a 0.2-micron filter–a device that represents advanced water filtration. The filter can siphon impurities as small as 1/5000 millimetre in size. They also eliminate chlorine odours and taste while maintaining fluoride in the water supply.

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