A Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

This is something most UK homeowners know very little about, and much like the lawnmower, the garage doors are often taken for granted. Whether you have the latest motorised version or an old manual up and over, regular maintenance will ensure you get the maximum lifespan, and by taking care not to put the door under any excessive force, you should have a trouble free door that performs as it should. For those who would like to know more about the basics of garage door maintenance, here are some tasks that need to be carried out on a regular basis.

  • Running Mechanism – Whatever the make or model of your garage doors, the tracking or running mechanism should be closely inspected and cleaned with a soft brush to remove dust and small debris. Modern units usually have the tracking enclosed, and the only thing to do with such a system is to ensure there is adequate grease or oil, and the other thing to do is inspect the travel path, looking for any obstructions. A garage door is designed to open and close with very little effort, but if there is an obstruction to the running mechanism, it could cause permanent damage.
  • Motorised Garage Doors – If you are thinking of replacing your present doors, then motorised would be the best choice, and with a remote control unit, you can effortlessly open or close without even getting out of the car, which is perfect for those wet and windy evenings. If the unit malfunctions, it is best to call the company that installed the doors, as they would be able to quickly troubleshoot the problem and make speedy repairs. The Internet is always a good source of information, and if you are looking for garage door repair in Manchester, for example, an online location based search will soon put you in touch with a local specialist.
  • Lubrication – Whether motorised or manual, the running gear will require lubrication, and while some units use oil, the majority will use grease, which provides a higher level of protection. The company that installed the unit would be happy to make regular visits to ensure smooth operation. Moving metal components must cause friction, and without lubrication, this will lead to a malfunction.
  • If in Doubt, Call in an Expert – If your garage doors are complex or you are not confident in what you are doing, it is wise to call the company that installed the units, or failing that, Google “garage door repairs”, and a local company can come and take a look. Any bolt that is red colour, should not be removed, unless by a qualified technician, and indeed, many manufacturers specify the warranty is void if an unauthorised person works on the unit.

Modern garage doors offer a durable and easy to use solution, and with regular attention, will give you many years of trouble free use.


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