A Window Film Is an Affordable Upgrade to Your Glass

Glass is a beautiful feature in any building, intended to protect you from the elements, light your space, and give you a view of the outside world. Glass is also one of the most vulnerable components on a building. Glass is fragile and easily broken, and it can be compromised by heat and radiation. However, it can also be modified with films that are engineered to protect you from outside threats and to keep the heat where it belongs whether outside or inside.

Glass Film—An Alternative to Glass Replacement

Modern glass technology has introduced high performance glass products to the market that are designed to insulate and keep solar and heat radiation out, keeping warm spaces warm and cool spaces cool. Modern glass products can also be designed to protect you from threats such as high velocity projectiles, high wind pressures, and even bomb blasts.

As advanced glass technologies are introduced, building owners and homeowners are obliged to upgrade their glass to meet new energy codes and safety requirements. Removing and replacing old glass with new glass can be quite expensive, but there is another solution. Glass films are engineered to be applied to glass surfaces as a cost-effective alternative to glass replacement that can give you the energy performance and protection you need.

Energy Efficiency

It is estimated that up to 87% of the solar heat gain in a building is radiated through the glass in that building. High performance solar films can block up to 80% of heat and light, and they can also reduce solar glare and provide privacy. Solar films are applied to the interior surface of the glass to minimise solar heat gain, significantly reducing the cost of air-conditioning a building and increasing energy efficiency. Solar window film in Australia also filters out harmful UV rays that can damage carpeting, furniture, and interior paints or finishes.

Security and Safety in a Window Film

Glass is the most easily compromised material in your building. It’s vulnerable to break-ins, and it can give intruders an easy entry and access to your property. Glass security film is designed to strictly adhere to the interior surface of the glass using a durable, high performance adhesive that has incredible bonding strength and resistance to tearing. The adhesive sticks to shattered glass and keeps it from falling apart or being pushed in through a door or window. The edges of the film are anchored to the framing so that even when it is completely shattered, the glass remains stuck to the film and resists efforts to remove it from the framing, making it a cost-effective alternative to security bars.

Modern building codes require the use of safety glass in certain applications to reduce the hazard posed by broken glass. Safety glass is tempered for strength and the ability to shatter into harmless, pebble-sized fragments, or it is constructed of two panes of glass bonded together with a durable adhesive film. Security film is designed to similarly bond to glass and prevent dangerous glass shards from falling into a building, providing a cost-effective solution for safety.

Versatility at its Best—Glass Films

Whatever the application, whether it be for safety, security, or energy efficiency, glass films are a versatile product that can give your home or building an upgrade without having to replace existing glass.


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