Abating Residential Reroofing Expenditures: Advisement for Do-it-Yourself Aspirants

You might have read about some of the miscalculations, indiscretions, and oversights that you should keep at arm’s length during a self-help roofing assignment.

To name a few, be sure to steer clear of installing new tiles over peeling shingles, reapplying weather-beaten flashings, deserting the insulation beneath the membrane, and utilising random unsanctioned nails to attach the new insets.

DIY Reroofing Is All About Assuaging Costs Before Securing the New Shingles

However, for those who have never climbed a ladder, braced the winds, and accomplished a bang-up roofing job, you can still reduce your contractor fees by 20% to 35% by navigating the following order of business:

  1. Check with the experienced re-roofing company in Godalming and enquire as to whether they will drop your price quote if you complete some of the preparatory work for them.
  2. Most companies will gladly oblige and tell you that detecting leaks, removing as many of the old shingles as possible, and stripping out your old insulation are all ways to reduce labour hours.
  3. Grab some soft-soled rubber shoes, a water hose, ladder, and garden fork to complete these three tasks.

Okay, Now What?

If your insulation hasn’t been blown in, you’ll be able to easily detach it from the walls and clear the area for the new provisions. Uncovering leaks is as simple as pouring water down the slope of your roof and having a colleague watch for drips in your loft but be sure to remove the insulation first.

Detaching old shingles is a bit more irksome because you’ll have to account for valley flashings, finicky tiles that seem to be cemented in place, cleaning the deck, and protecting the wood from rainwater so this might actually be the cut-off point when you should call on the pros for a gratis evaluation.



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