All about acrylic bathtubs

Due to their affordability and durability acrylic bath tubs are gaining popularity day by day. This is an amazing material. It is very flexible. That is the reason it can be molded into any design and shape when it comes to bathtubs. There are much more amazing facts about these tubs. It is a non-porous material. So there is no need to worry about grime, build up and dirt. This is the reason the surface will remain clean for longer duration. For these bathtubs one should always use non-abrasive soaps. It is better to use dish detergent and clean the tub using soft sponge. Otherwise one can clean these acrylic bathtubs using a soft cloth by spraying liquid sprays.  

Light scratches and dings can be removed using a liquid polisher. Greater sandpaper can be used for deeper scratches after this liquid polish should be used. This material is an excellent insulator. When filled with hot water the acrylic tubs get warmer. This will results in retaining the heat of the water for long duration. Compared to other tubs like steel and cast iron when it comes to retaining heat acrylic tubs are 3 times more efficient.

This material is seam free. While manufacturing acrylic tubs extra care is taken to melt seams if any. This is the reason they are continuous surfaces without the seams. These tubs are available in many colors. To the finished product the manufacture has the choice to add colors since acrylic is a type of plastic. Even without coloring acrylic is clear. It is said to be 93% translucent. That is why it is clearer than glass. Coloring is done to get the white appearance which is the choice of most of the bathrooms.

A little more about these Bath tubs

These acrylic bathtubs are available in many sizes and shapes. It is easy to mold and shape this material since it is man-made. But cast iron and steel bathtubs are not so. That is the reason acrylic tubs are cost effective. It is best choice for homes with bathrooms which cannot accommodate other types of tubs. Other tubs usually need more space and they are thicker than this. When full of water, other tubs are much heavier compared to acrylic tubs. Over traditional materials this tub has more advantages to choose from. Both from financial and design perspective for majority of the bathrooms acrylic tubs are the best choice.

Because of many reasons acrylic tubs are gaining popularity among most of the homeowners. It is possible to get them any almost all designs and best thing is they are cheap compared to other tubs.

In acrylic, people can choose either freestanding bath tubs or the ones which need to be fixed. Comparatively freestanding bathtubs are more expensive. This is because they are made of pure acrylic and they are thicker. The ones which are available for lesser price are made of fiberglass. There will be one year warranty for most of the acrylic bath tubs.

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