Auto-Door Protection, Repair and Safety

Auto doors are a staple for many shops and businesses. They are convenient for shoppers who are pushing carts and carrying bags, as well as, for workers driving in and out. Over time these auto-doors require maintenance and safety upgrades, so finding the right door maintenance specialist for these purposes is important in order to make sure the job is done right. Here are some of the qualities you should expect from an auto-door maintenance company.

Full Range of Services

Unless you are an expert with the mechanical and electrical processes involved with auto-doors, you want to make sure you find a company who can do it all. You simply never know if it is the actual door that is malfunctioning or part of the electrical control system. There are many parts that can potentially be the source of the problem, so finding a company that can do it all is very important. Door Maintenance Specialists Ltd is one of the companies that can provide a broad range of services. They fix sliding, revolving, swinging, and folding doors, as well as, repair control boxes. They also make sure your doors are compliant with regulations. This guarantees that what is broken on your door will be repaired quickly and properly.

Upgrades for Safety

Businesses with older model auto-doors run the risk of being out of compliance with safety regulations. These problems are easily avoided by hiring a door maintenance company that can not only replace your out-dated doors, but also upgrade the existing doors in order to get them working great and within regulatory bounds. This will save your business money and help you avoid potential legal ramifications. Having older or shoddy automatic doors is an accident waiting to happen, so finding an expert to upgrade or replace them is crucial.

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