Basement Apartment Renovation – Things to know

Often times, one of the basement renovation ideas that come to the mind of homeowners is to turn it into a full apartment fully equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. Most times this idea pops up whenever a family member moves into the home, necessitating the need to convert the basement into an in-law suite. Also, it is now common for adult children to move back home after college, which in turn requires additional living space. AGM Renovation has the manpower and modern tools to help transform your basement into a comfortable full apartment.

Renovating a basement into an apartment will be just perfect. This would give you and your guests the needed space and comfort of being at home. Also if your basement has its own entrance, you can decide to let it out to earn revenue.

The Walls

Of course, your basement already has an exterior wall in place but depending on your requirements and proposed layout, you might need to add extra interior walls. If you are looking to separate the bedroom from the living room then you will need to build another set of interior walls. Ensure to insulate your interior walls during construction, as this could be cost effective in the long run when heating the new apartment.

Once completed, you would need to paint the basement walls. Regardless of the purpose, be it for family or for rental purposes, it is best to use light color paint to make the space look bigger. This is because basements can actually feel much smaller than they actually are. Use wood panel to create a texture on your wall and paint them to match your wall to a subtle focal point. You can also chose to use the same color just as seen in the rest of the house to ensure consistency.


An ordinary unfinished basement does not really have the best of floors that speaks homely or cozy for an apartment. So when renovating your basement, you should properly finish your floor either with carpeting, engineered hardwood or laminated floor.

Before placing a flooring, it is important to carry out necessary steps to ensure it will last in that basement because basement are below ground level and are therefore prone to moisture, mould and/or mildew. One of the carpers to use is the carpet padding, as they are equipped with anti-microbial materials. This might not necessarily eliminate all possibilities of having mould or mildew but it would help a lot.

You can choose to use wood flooring such as the engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring. Engineering wood flooring has an underlying plywood layer that prevent moisture from reaching the thin hardwood layer on the surface. Laminated flooring which is similar to a normal wood flooring is one of the best flooring for basement with high moisture level.

One of the key factors to consider for basement apartment renovation is the lighting as basement do not really get much of natural light. Your basement requires a good light source to brighten up the whole place. Overhead lightening is a great option when considering basement apartment renovation. Avoid low hanging pendant lights as they can make the space feel smaller.

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