Bespoke and Reclaimed Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone is a very versatile type of stone. It is lightweight but still strong. Also, it is not as dense as some other kinds of stone. Since it is slightly less dense, it is great for use in any application that will involve heat. The tiny pockets of air in the stone act as insulation to keep it from transferring heat. That’s why limestone is such a popular material for fireplaces. The fireplace material needs to be strong and resilient but also needs to be resistant to heat. If sparks or even burning logs somehow get onto the fireplace exterior, the stone needs to resist cracking or damage. Limestone can do that. Additionally, limestone is a very attractively coloured material.

Limestone Colours

Limestone tends to range in colour from a very light colour that is almost purely white to grey. There are types of limestone in between that are honey coloured or even yellow. Limestone tends to be lightly coloured but some of the yellows can trend towards amber and some of the greys can be fairly dark. If you’re looking for bespoke limestone fireplaces, these are some of the considerations that you should have. The colours you choose will be important to your fireplace and to the overall decor of the room. If you have a room that is very lightly coloured, there is sure to be a shade of limestone that fits your colour scheme. If your scheme is darker, there are limestones that can match that as well. One of the most reliable ways to find a darker shade of limestone or a limestone that is very unique is not by building a bespoke fireplace. Instead, a reclaimed fireplace could be what you need.

Reclaimed Fireplaces

A reclaimed fireplace is one that has been built for some other building a long time ago. Due to many different factors, the fireplace might no longer be in its original place. A fireplace manufacturer and supplier might have reclaimed fireplaces in stock. Those fireplaces will often be decades old. Because of the age and the amount of use they have seen, reclaimed fireplaces can often be found in colours and styles that are not normally seen. Many times, they are made in older styles that are no longer popular. For example, ornate fireplace styles might have been popular in the past; now, the popular style is more minimalist. However, if you prefer the ornate style, you might need a reclaimed fireplace. Furthermore, the limestone could be coloured after years of use.

Years of dirt and smoke often serves to colour a fireplace. A honey coloured limestone could begin to turn more of an amber shade due to smoke and soot. In addition, grey limestone usually becomes dark grey over time. These unique colours of limestone are hard to find anywhere but in reclaimed fireplaces. If you want something truly unique and antique, you need to consider purchasing a reclaimed fireplace.

There are many kind of fireplaces from which you can choose. No matter what you choose, you need to make sure that you are choosing a great supplier that offers great fireplaces at reasonable prices.


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