Buying Window Covers and Awnings- A Guide for Homeowners

An awning is basically a protective fixture that’s designed to provide privacy and limit atmospheric elements from entering your house through the windows. Awnings primarily consist of a sheet of canvas or any other material that’s tightly stretched on top of a frame in order to provide shade and cover. Awnings can be installed on the windows or the doorways in your house, shop or restaurant. If you don’t prefer interior window coverings in the house, awnings are a great choice. These are installed outside the house, so awnings do require a bit more maintenance as compared to traditional window coverings.

Awnings are available in many different shapes and sizes. If you have only just moved into your new house, it’s important for you to choose awnings that complement the design of your property. Reputable companies such as Ruf offer a variety of different kinds of manual and automatic awnings. You can easily contact the company to set up an appointment. The company will send over workers to take measurements of the windows and doorways and then show you a variety of different types of awnings that will look good with your home.


Measurements play a very important role. Awnings are generally fabricated based on the size of the window. A sun awning or in Thai – กันสาดกันแดด is basically designed to provide shade from the harmful rays of the sun. These awnings are generally extendable so you can easily increase the amount of shade according to your wishes. If you want, you can take measurements on your own for every window and doorway in the house. However, some windows might not have a conventional size. As a result, the company will have to fabricate custom windows for your property. It’s recommended that you call in a professional for getting the measurements done.

Types of Awnings

After the measurements are taken, you will need to choose from the many different types of awnings. Common folding arm awnings, also known as retractable awnings are popularly used in houses throughout Thailand. They are easy to manage and also quite flexible. However, if you want, you can also purchase motorised or automatic awnings from Ruf. These awnings are operable by the touch of a button. All you need to do is press the button to change the amount of shade provided by the awning. There are several other types of awnings that you can choose from. For instance, permanent awnings are generally installed on patios and gardens.

Once you have chosen the type of awning you want, the company will give you the option of choosing a fabric. You can either choose from the many patterns available in the company’s database, or send a high resolution image for printing on the canvas. The awnings can be customised according to your own preferences. The company will give you a quote for the full price of the awnings and the costs of installation. If you agree, they will set a date for installing the awnings in your house.

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