Carpet Stains That Are Tough to Remove

Sometimes you need to call on a professional carpet cleaning company for your carpet care needs, especially if your carpet is exhibiting some hard-to-remove stains. Getting rid of particularly tough stains can be a battle against time. The longer the stains remain on the carpet, the more difficult they are to remove. If you have some set-in stains on your floors, you need to contact a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible. Below are some of the stains that can be exceptionally frustrating to remove:

Wine or Grape Juice Stains

Fruit stains can prove to be major pains to remove. That is because the juice seeps into a rug’s fibres quickly. Unfortunately, the red and purple hues of wine or grape juice leave a lasting impression – but not the type of impression you wish to see.

 If you can, you should treat the carpet immediately with hydrogen peroxide. After several minutes, use a spray made from water and a cleaner to minimise the stain’s exacerbation. You cannot waste precious time once the juice or wine spills on your carpeting. Once it spills, you need to act quickly.

Coffee Stains

A common problem for both commercial and residential carpet customers is that of coffee stains. Indeed, this type of a stain is a nuisance for the homeowner and the carpet cleaner alike. Coffee leaves unsightly brown or yellowish stains, and can be downright tricky to eradicate. If you accidentally spill coffee, apply dishwasher detergent and vinegar immediately. You can also find out more about professional carpet cleaning services by reviewing online.

Blood Stains

Blood is similar in character to juice stains, as it penetrates rapidly and leaves a dark stain once it dries. Therefore, make sure to clean away blood from a surface whilst it is still fresh. Combine one half-cup warm water and one tablespoon of ammonia. Use a sponge or cloth to apply the ammonia and water onto the stain. Don’t aggressively rub the stained area; instead, blot the stain until you absorb the liquid. Apply a cloth or sponge with cold water onto the stain and, again, blot the area dry.

If the blood has dried, brush the stain with a steel brush to loosen the particles and to get rid of the surface deposit. Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and two cups of cold water. Apply this mixture with a white cloth to the stained carpet. Blot the stain repeatedly. Apply the detergent and cold water continuously by blotting the stain until it finally disappears.

Ink Stains

One of the poor characteristics of a pen is its tendency to go haywire at times and dispense ink onto your carpeting. Ink is another hard-to-remove carpet stain. This substance can destroy the fibres in a carpet if it is not cleaned thoroughly. One solution for cleaning ink is to chemically pre-condition a carpet area with ammonia, and then steam rinse with a steam-based vacuum.

Bodily Fluids

Excrement or vomit from an animal or a child not only produces staining, but it also causes the fibres of a rug to smell bad. To remove this type of nasty stain, you need to scrape and remove the larger sediment first. Baking soda can then be used to eliminate the moisture and minimise the odour.

If you have not been able to effectively clean spills and accidents, then you need to contact professional carpet cleaners. Let them tackle your stains if you have not been able to get rid of them.

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