Hot Water Heater Issues Plumbers Can Repair

Having an issue with a hot water heater doesn’t automatically mean you should replace it. In fact, some problems can be repaired for far less than purchasing a new hot water heater. Here are some water heater problems plumbers can repair.

No Hot Water

If you don’t have hot water running from the taps, there is probably a problem with your water heater. If it is an electric water heater, check to make sure the circuit and heater are switched to on. If it is gas fired, double-check the pilot light to make sure it is lit. Usually, the pilot on a gas-fired heater will have gone out and relighting it will solve your problem.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you’re running out of hot water after your family has showered, the clothes have been washed or the dishes were done, then the hot water cylinder may not have enough capacity for your household. Lewes plumbers can check the cylinder to make sure there are no other possible issues with it, then recommend one that can handle your hot water needs. They may also recommend switching from a hot water tank to a tankless hot water heater so you always have plenty of hot water available.

Replacement Needed

If you have a gas-fired water heater and notice water gathered around the top of it, the pressure value most likely failed and the cylinder will need to be replaced. Although you will spend more on a tankless water heater than most water heater tanks, you should consider one because of the energy it saves. Since it only issues hot water on demand, the system doesn’t need to run continuously to keep water hot. This will reduce your energy bills, which can help pay for the tankless system in a few short years.

What Should You Know About Blocked Drain?

The right kind of drainage system is very essential for a home. It allows you to live assure with the fact that all the waste will be properly carried out of your home. Everyone understands the importance of keeping the kitchen and bathroom sinks clean and tidy. These are the areas of the house that are used daily and tend to get dirty rather quickly. Keeping your home clean and well-maintained is a very important task. You make sure all surfaces are free from dust and dirt. That is the reason people spend money on regular maintenance and cleaning.

One of the hidden problems that may have a significant impact on your home and your health is the problem of drain blockage. A blocked drain can be due to many reasons which include unwanted objects and other stuff that can slowly and gradually accumulate inside the pipes, obstructing the flow of water. If blocked drains are not cleaned and treated immediately, the stagnant water can lead to several complications that will affect you and your property.

How to Unblock or Clean the Drains:

There are a couple of methods by which it can be done –

Natural Drain Cleaning:

For safety and environmental reasons, many people prefer to try clearing blocked drains with natural ingredients, before resorting to chemicals. One proven method is as follows:

In a dry sink, pour at least 1 cup of baking soda down the blocked drain, and ensure that the powder makes its way down the drain. Next, pour 2 cups of hot water in and wait several minutes. Add one more cup of baking soda in and immediately follow it with one cup of plain white vinegar. Plug the drain. Here will see some bubbles and a sizzling noise being emitted from the drain. Once the bubbles disappear, add another 2 cups of boiling water. Such ways are very effective to make sure your sink remains unblocked, which you should repeat once a month.

Chemical Drain Cleaning:

There are many products that are used for such tasks, like Domestic Pipe and Sink Unblocked. When they are directly poured into the blocked drain, these chemical drain cleaners work to dissolve the grease and the build-up that cause the blockage. Once the drain cleaner has done its part, water in the sink should drain away smoothly, and the stagnant odor will be gone.

You need to follow the instructions when using such heavy cleaning products – not only from a health and safety point of view – but also because diverse types of blocked drains require different solutions. Acidic drain cleaners contain acids at a high concentration which turns a piece of pH paper red and chars it instantly.

There are certain cleaners that have a high content of Sulphur acid which ensures that most of the waste that potentially blocks your drain can be washed away, this would mean the grease, hair and even waste like tissue paper will be dissolved out.

Benefits of Clean Drains Routinely:

Reduce Blockages

If you take time out to clean the drains regularly, you can prevent blockages.

Limit Smells

Sewers have a very unpleasant odor that is hard to get rid of. It is challenging to deal with such odors, which is why you need regular drain cleaning. Cleaning of drains will not allow the foul odor.

Reduce Expenses

By keeping the drains cleaned early one can prevent problems with the drains overflowing and leading to unhygienic conditions in the home. It is also good for the pocket as clean drains will not need expert and costly solutions.

Leave the Plumbing to the Professionals

Functional plumbing is an integral part of a healthy, safe, and happy home or business. This network of pipes inside a building’s structure allows for the proper ventilation of septic gases, so that the toxic fumes do not stay trapped inside. Plumbing is also responsible for moving waste from showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets to a separate location. Without these pipes, excess materials such as skin, soap, leftover food, and human waste would be allowed to lurk inside.

How Pipes Go in

The installation process for plumbing begins before laying a building’s foundation; by setting sewer accommodation stubs. After the framing of the building is complete, a basic outline or “rough-in” is established. This procedure involves drilling holes into the frame for the pipes to be installed and connected. Afterwards, a plumber comes in to run the supply and drain pipes under the floors and through the framework of the building. Later on, the plumber will return to install the endpoint fixtures that allow for sink and toilet connections.

After an inspector has approved the work and the construction is complete, maintenance still plays a significant role in the health of the plumbing system. Pipes wear out, clogs happen, and building renovations are likely to occur, so it is important to employ a plumber’s services instead of attempting to take on these tasks in a DIY capacity. Some Leicestershire plumbers build strong relationships with professionals in other industries, such as those that specialise in tiling or electrical work. These connections are extremely helpful when taking on projects and they help to save time.

Waste Dangers

Waste that is not properly disposed of causes an assortment of issues. Excess bacteria and waste can house diseases, making building occupants and those nearby susceptible to becoming ill. Mould can also develop from faulty plumbing, and it tends to irritate allergies and can even trigger upper respiratory infections. Flooding causes water damage to buildings, it is costly to drain, and the resulting repairs can be expensive. Water quality decreases over time with poor plumbing, which can render showers and drinking water unsafe.


The Job Defines the Plumber

A small leak may end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Finding the right plumbers for your necessary repairs can prove to be a challenging undertaking. Many plumbers are only qualified for certain types of work and often fall into two categories: those who handle emergency situations and basic repairs, to those who specialise in remodelling. You don’t want to hire a small family plumber for a major remodelling project, nor do you want to hire a remodelling plumber for a small repair. Knowing the difference between the two will help you find the right man for the right job; saving you precious time and money.

The Do-It-Yourself Guy

This person could be yourself or the local small business plumber who lives down the street. If it’s just a small drip, and you are so inclined, you could potentially Google some how-to articles and videos that show the steps and parts needed. However, many folks want to avoid taking this on themselves. If you know that you are not that guy, it is advisable to find a local plumber before you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The best way to find local plumbers in Kent is to ask around. Ask your neighbours, real estate agents, or contractors. Make sure that the guy you hire has the proper license, as well liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Inquire about his fees before the work starts. Once you find the plumber that fits your needs, keep his number handy.

Remodelling Plumber

This type of plumber must be a true professional. You want someone more experienced than an entry-level plumber. Your best source for finding someone who specialises in remodelling projects is to inquire with local contractors. They know from experience which plumber happens to be qualified and who is just “all talk,” because they see their work before it is covered up with drywall.

You need to inquire about their license and the required insurance. This type of project requires a professional who has a knowledge of building codes, so it is imperative to do your due diligence in checking credentials. The price you pay will be higher than the simple do-it-yourself-er, but in the end, you won’t be paying for a plumber who says more than he actually knows.


Why Neglecting Your Plumbing Could Cost You Your Home

Modern-day plumbing is truly an amazing human feat and one that’s often taken for granted. As we go about our daily lives, below our feet, kilometres of plumbing stretch to far distances. The pipe is set in place to serve the purpose of bringing the second most valuable resource right to your home: dihydrogen monoxide, or, as it’s more commonly called, water.

Since most of us only associate water with pleasant things, such as going to the water park with friends, relaxing at the beach, or even simply enjoying a meal, it can be very distressing when suddenly this incredibly vital substance refuses to come out of your faucet. When a natural resource turns against you, it can be a total nightmare.

You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone

Water is a powerful natural force, one that can, given enough time, turn mountains to sand, swallow civilizations, or topple buildings. Even though we don’t often find ourselves worrying about tsunamis along our beautiful coasts, we shouldn’t be so naïve to think that water damage couldn’t present itself in other forms.

While widespread devastation caused by a natural disaster isn’t something to joke about, neither is the damage that can be caused to your home if you don’t have your water heater, faucets, water fixtures, and general plumbing regularly inspected by a professional for gas and water leakage.

It can be incredibly frustrating to wake up to a shower that is lacking in hot water, but that frustration can only worsen depending on the cause of the problem. A burnt-out pilot light is one thing, but a gas leak in your system can make a bad situation exponentially worse. Problems with gas hot water in Perth can be troublesome, especially in the blazing hot summer. The same goes for water—even a minor leak in some of your household plumbing is extremely dangerous.

Don’t Play with Fire by Playing with Water

Plumbing leaks, whether large or small, can lead to undesirable results for your beloved home. The most common problem caused by leaking fixtures and lines is mould, which can cause health problems for you and your family, but in reality, mould seems quite mild when in comparison to some of the other potential consequences families face when confronted with poorly-maintained plumbing. Some of these household tragedies include:

  • Indoor flooding
  • Structural damage to the home
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Costly repairs

These are all complicated problems that take time, knowledge, and professional experience to solve, but in the majority of situations, can be avoided by utilising the preemptive services of a professional, like inspections and leak detection.

You should treat every component of your home like every component of your car— make appointments for regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance to ensure that everything is working well together. Even if you can’t drive your house around, it still sees its fair share of wear and tear from 24/7 use. Don’t just be cautious, but play it safe, and get regular, recommended inspections, and ensure that the single largest investment you will ever make lasts you, your family, and the health of your home for years to come.

Plumbing: 10 things Mario and Luigi would have done

The world’s most famous plumbers are the Mario brothers – namely Mario and Luigi – and when it comes to plumbing;it is important to ensure that everything is done just how they would have done it- well, maybe not jumping over seas of hot lava, collecting gold coins and attempting to rescue a princess from a castle but definitely the plumbing part of their work!

Looking for reliable plumbers in Perth offering affordable services can be done online quickly and easily, just like it can when looking for a plumber based in any big city or even a small town or village.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do to ensure the plumbing is in good working order:

  1. Never Put Oil or Grease Down the Sink 

When these products cool, they become congealed and if they are poured down the sink then it is only a matter of time before they set in the pipes causing blockages and leaks.

  1. Maintain a Water Heater

Getting a water heater installed is just one part of the process, as it will need to be maintained on an on-going basis, which can be done by a professional company.

  1. Avoid Food Scraps in the Disposal

 Garbage disposals might look tough enough to eat anything but it is a good idea to avoid putting this to the test, and not putting food scraps into it is a simple way to avoid clogging the system.

  1. Don’t Use Strong Chemicals 

Many homeowners think that a blockage can be treated by pouring strong chemicals down the sink but this is a job that is best left to a professional to do.

  1. Always Contact a Plumber 

Professional plumbers in Perth Northern Suburbsand those located in the UK, America, New Zealand and everywhere else in the world are easy to contact using the internet – so don’t attempt to do any type of plumbing work when it is far easier to use a professional.

 Insulate Pipes

Pipes need to be insulated to work efficiently and to stop them from freezing in the colder months.

  1. Check for Leaks 

As that age-old saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind, however, it is important to have a look to check for leaks every now and then to repair a problem before it gets too big.

  1. Check Washers and Rings 

Checking washers and rings for leaks is relatively easy but Peter Stanndard Plumbing & Gas are plumbers Perth residents trust and can be contacted for help to do any job.

  1. Nothing Lasts Forever 

From faucets to boilers, nothing lasts forever so get everything checked out by a professional once a year.

  1. Look for Problems

 Don’t fix the problem yourself but being able to identify where the issue is can help to save time when the plumber arrives.

Remember that finding a reliable plumber is easy, so always get expert help to do any jobs relating to plumbing to avoid making acostly mistake.

5 Reasons To Find A Good Plumber Now!

There are several essential services that you should have on standby, just in case you need them in a hurry.  The list should include a good insurance broker, an electrician and a plumber.  This will ensure that, if you have an emergency, you will be able to get a quick response and you will know who to call.  There are a number of reasons why it is important to find a good plumber now:

  • Emergency Response

The most obvious reason why it is beneficial to locate a good plumber now is so that you know who to call in an emergency.  A water leak can quickly cause serious damage to your property and your personal possessions; some of which will be irreplaceable.  It can also cause a huge amount of heartache as well as stress while you deal with the issue.  Having already found a good plumber, by talking to friends and checking social media sites, will mean you know exactly who to call in an emergency.  If you are unable to stop a leak the faster a plumber can get there the better!

  • Peace of Mind

As well as being able to get hold of a plumber quickly you will have peace of mind that, should something happen, you have a dedicated professional just a phone call away.  If you use their services and become known to them then they are likely to provide you with the very best service; loyal customers tend to be rewarded as they will not wish to lose you!

  • Prevention

A plumber is not something you just need to find in an emergency.  In fact, they can assist in preventing many problems by spotting them early enough and fixing them before they become an issue.  By choosing a good plumber now you will be able to have all your plumbing inspected, including items such as water heaters; there is a good chance that any issue will be spotted and fixed for a fraction of the cost of an emergency repair and without all the stress of a water leak.

  • Advice

By choosing a plumber now you have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with them.  They will come to know your plumbing systems and appliances as they visit for servicing work.  The more you use them over a period of time the stronger the relationship will grow and the more inclined they will be to give free advice when needed.  This may be about how you can save water or even how you can complete a small repair yourself; until they are able to visit and fix it permanently.  This is not a service you will get if you ring up a random plumber when you need one!

  • Loyalty discount

Finally, using the same plumber on a regular basis will dramatically increase the chance of a loyalty discount.  This may be in the form of a reduced bill, or it may be preferential treatment, it may even be a simple repair completed for nothing.  Whatever the reward, this will be because you have committed to using them regularly and your loyalty is being rewarded.  

It is much better to know who you need to call in an emergency situation rather than ringing anyone and everyone in the hope of getting lucky!  Having a plumber organized now will give you peace of mind and the ability to assess the situation properly, without panicking.


Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions Answered by a Trusted Toronto Plumber

There are many plumbing problems you can experience in your home throughout the year. Some are minor and could be fixed with a little elbow grease from your end. Others are more major problems and would require you to seek the help of a trusted plumber Toronto. The most common questions you would probably want to ask an experienced toronto plumber are collected here, and answered by someone who has been in the business for years.

Q: When I flush my toilet, the water keeps on running for more than ten minutes. Sometimes it runs the whole night and it’s making my water bill bigger. What do I do?

A: Like most toronto plumbers would suggest, this seems like a case of a worn flush handle getting stuck. What you can do is to oil the flush handle or to replace it if oiling does not work. When the flush handle gets stuck, it does not allow the stopper to limit the flow of water into your toilet tank. This explains why the water keeps flowing. You need to resolve this right away because it can result in flooding problems later on.

plumbing problems

Q: How do I make a quick repair to a leak in my kitchen sink’s water pipe?

A: Leaks in the kitchen sink’s water pipe, especially in the hot water pipe, is quite common. There are some leaks which can only be fixed by plumbers in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean that you should wait for them to arrive at your home before you do anything. To prevent flooding, turn off your water supply. This is the best thing you can do is the leak is major (tip: if you already need a bucket to control it). If the leak is pretty minor, you can also break off the end of a pencil to plug the hole, then seal with waterproof duct tape. These are quick fixes, though, and you should still contact plumbers in toronto gta for repairs right away.

Q: I have used chemical cleaners and plungers to fix the clog in the tub, but nothing is helping. What else can I do before calling a plumber?

A: When the solutions you know to work don’t seem to work anymore, it can be an indication that the clogging is pretty serious. It is always better to call in the professionals because you might do more harm than good. The first thing you need to assess if how you have handled the unclogging of your tub. Always keep yourself safe by using rubber gloves when handling chemicals. Also, avoid splashing. Try not to use the plunger because if the clog is too deep, this will only make things worse. You can also use a snake to feed down the drain until you come upon the object that is clogging the water flow. If all else fails, or if you feel that getting a snake for the job is too troublesome, call in the experts. There is nothing wrong with seeking help.

You don’t really have to look far to find plumbers with years of experience. All you have to do is visit our website and schedule an appointment. Leave the big work for the big boys.

Drain Rescue Plumbers are among the best plumber Toronto. We make sure our clients understand the real issue and answer all of your questions about your plumbing problems.

Basic Plumbing Issues You Should Know About

The plumbing system in your house is incredibly complex. There are numerous pipes that connect to each plumbing fixture, and all of these pipes lead to a central drain which runs under the floor. The drain connects to the main sewage line which connects to the city’s sewer system. Now, if you want to avoid plumbing emergencies, you should know a thing or two about some minor plumbing issues that can commonly arise in your house.

Companies such as Blackhall-Plumbing generally offer emergency plumbing and maintenance services to customers in Edinburgh and nearby areas. However, before you call an emergency plumber at your house, here are just a couple of the basic plumbing issues you should know about:

Drain Blockage

The drain pipe runs under the floor of a house, and all of the pipes from the plumbing fixtures in the house connect to this pipe. Most people don’t think twice before flushing small items down their toilet, or throwing the leftovers in the kitchen sink. If you don’t have a garbage disposal unit installed underneath the kitchen sink, the solids are likely to cause a blockage in your drains. If the drain pipe gets blocked, the water pressure will continue to build up. It’s very easy to spot a blockage in your drain pipes. When you flush the toilet, does it take a long time for the water to flush down? Does your toilet begin to gargle after a while as the water is slowly flushed?

If you don’t call a plumber as soon as you spot this sign, it could cause major havoc. If the drain pipe bursts, the water may begin to seep under your floors and through the walls. Not only will it cause serious damage to the foundation of your house, but the plumber might have no option but to dig up the floors in order to repair or replace the pipe.

However, if a plumber arrives at the scene on time, they will use specialised camera equipment in order to first locate the blockage in your drains. Once the blockage is found, the plumber will use high vacuum cleaning methods in order to flush the drain and remove the blockage before it does any major damage.

Broken Valves

Water valves are located underneath the sink and in several sections of the house. These valves control the flow of water in particular locations, such as the bedrooms, the kitchen, etc. However, if the valves are broken, waste water might get mixed with the fresh water. Moreover, the pressure of water in the pipes might continue to build up until a pipe explodes. If you want to avoid this issue, you should immediately call a plumber if you notice a problem with your valves.

During the winter, the chance of water valves bursting is very high. Because the temperature is already very low, water tends to freeze in the pipes, thus causing plumbing issues. Rather than trying to clear up the damage on your own, you should call a professional plumber to take a look at the pipes and find the problem.

Common Issues that Require a Plumber

Most people think that they can handle common plumbing problems on their own. However, you should know that while most problems may seem pretty straightforward, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. In fact, if you meddle with certain plumbing issues on your own, you might cause more damage. While it’s easy to fix a leaking faucet or a loose valve, there are several plumbing issues for which you will need an expert. Here are a few of the most common plumbing issues for which you should consider hiring a plumber.

Boiler Issues

Boiler issues are extremely common. If you are unable to get access to hot water in the house, it might be an issue with the boiler. There are numerous things that can go wrong with the boiler. Issues with the thermostat, the pilot, or the electronic mechanism can all cause your boiler to break down utterly. Rather than meddling with it on your own, you should consider contacting a specialist. There are many plumbers in Perth that handle boiler-related problems. When you first call in a plumber, they will carefully inspect the boiler and find out the source of the problem. They have experience and considerable expertise, so it doesn’t take them long to find the problem.

Drainage Issues

Problems with the drain pipes can cause some serious issues in your house’s plumbing system. If the drain pipes get clogged, water from the sinks and the toilet will take a while to drain. You will also hear a gurgling sound as the water leaves the toilet bowl. If that’s the case, you should consider calling in an expert plumber. Meddling with drainage issues on your own can lead to a lot of damage.

The drain pipes run underneath the floor, so the first thing that the plumber will do is figure out the point of blockage. They use specialised cameras and tools in order to look through the drain pipes and figure out where the blockage may be. Once that is done, the plumber will use specialised equipment in order to remove the blockage. They use a variety of different techniques in order to clean your drain pipes thoroughly.

Backflow Prevention

There are two sets of pipes that form a part of your plumbing system. One pipe carries the clean water, while the other carries dirty water. In case there’s a backflow, the pipe that carries dirty water often gets mixed with the clean water lines. As a result, you might start getting dirty water in the clean water lines.

If there’s a backflow, you should seriously consider calling in a professional. Backflow can occur due to a difference in pressure or due to a leakage in the pipes. These are just some of the many different plumbing issues for which you should consider calling in a professional plumber. An expert plumber might charge a bit more, but they will resolve the problem once and for all.