Cedar Shakes Siding Styles

Cedar shakes have a unique look that can enhance the style or thearchitecture of your home. The good thing with shakes is that they come in a wide range of styles, allowing homeowners to mix and match their exterior to achieve a unique look. Cedar shake sidings are durable, and easy to maintain and that’s why many homeowners prefer it over other siding materials.

The design that you choose considerably depends on your taste and preference. If you are looking to upgrade your home or planning to build a new one using the cedar shake siding material, you can use any of the following designs.

  1. Fieldstone Texture

Fieldstone texture design needs to complement your home to give it the best appearance. This color and texture take center stage for the property. In this case, using the cedar shake on their entire property in a complementary shade of gray to the fieldstone helps it to give it a texture and appearance that creates a cohesive design with the fieldstone.

  1. Chateau Style

One of the reasons that make cedar shakes siding popular is the way it can give your home a rustic style or look. When the material is stained with the same shade as Mahogany, it can providea subtle appearance to your house. The mixture of shingles and shades helps to enhance the architecture and design of the home as well. The two styles of siding add some interest to the exterior.

  1. Double Accent

Shakes don’t need have to be used over the most of the exterior for it to have an effect on the design. In some cases, it can also work well as an accent. In double accent the two different styles; shakes and shingles can be used to emphasize the architecture of your home.

  1. Beach Style Shakes

Sterling Gray shake can give a home a weathered and a natural appearance that can allow it to blend well with its surrounding. This design requires a house to have oversized windows to help to preserve a more authentic appearance and give it a feel of a beach cottage. If the colors are kept light, the shakes can become more of texture and background for the rest of the building.

  1. Bold Color

Shakes come in different colors including colors like bold green. Instead of cladding the home in a traditional lap siding, in a plain color, you can use a colorful shake to add some interest and character to your home. The texture of the shakes shines through the bold green color making the shakes become both siding and decorative accent at the same time.

  1. Subtle Accent

When installing shakes in your home, the bold color doesn’t have to be everywhere. You can use shakes with the same color of forest green, but in an accent rather than as the primary field. Many homes use horizontal lap siding, with a few architectural panels, making the shakes to attract attention to specific architectural details. Using the same color everywhere can help to create a unified and subtle look, while using different colors can add texture and interest to the design.

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