Choosing The Best Fireplace Hearth

            On your fireplace, the floor usually extends into the room and is usually paved using bricks, flagstones, or sometimes cement. Most classic fireplaces have a hearth. The hearth is the floor of a fireplace that serves more than just for decorative purposes.

The hearth provides a safer area for the fireplace which commonly prevents fire hazards. Some say that having a hearth for your fireplace is an old school design idea. But many would still want to have a hearth. So here are some fireplace hearth ideas that you can incorporate into your fireplace design.

Top 5 Fireplace Hearth Ideas

        When you check online, there are plenty of ideas for your fireplace hearth. You can get an inspiration from different designs that are both modern with a touch of class. Some are even natured friendly, and there are other designs that are a combination of different styles and ideas. So here are the top 5 fireplace hearth ideas that you should know of:

  • Simple Coloured Bricks. If you want to keep it simple and clean, you can use colored bricks. This will add some texture to the hearth. You can mix and match the colors to your walls to give a little emphasis to your fireplace hearth.
  • Play With The Patterns. If your floor and walls are bare, it will be best to use patterns when making your fireplace hearth. This will also be great if you want to hide some debris from the fireplace. This will surely add some personality to the room.
  • The Glass And Stone Designs. Combining different materials and styles is very common to modern themed rooms. Combining glass and stone will surely help to make your hearth stand out. The glass can hide the fireplace when not in used which will be a perfect addition to your modern home.
  • Use Some Pebbles. If you are on a budget but you would want to create a stylish fireplace hearth, make use of some pebbles. This is one of the most eco-friendly materials that you can use for constructing your fireplace hearth.
  • Opt For The Wood. Most classic themed homes choose wooden frames for their fireplace hearth. This will bring out the sophisticated look of your classic design. This will perfectly match a room that uses wood in most parts of the house.

When choosing your fireplace hearth design, consider the look of the place. Also, take note of the materials to use. Make sure that it will perfectly blend with your room design and should not be too awkward. With the hundreds of ideas that you can find online, the ones mentioned above are the most popular to homeowners and interior designers.

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