Consider a CCTV Drain Survey

Drain and sewer cleaning services are an important aspect of building maintenance but it is also imperative that you have this done properly to ensure that no problems arise without warning. This is when you need to perform a CCTV survey on your drain, especially if you want to see the best results without the risk of a sudden costly surprise along the way. Some find it tempting to go ahead without the survey but the problems that cause trouble with drain and sewer systems are often more complex than the average homeowner will predict and are best treated with caution.


The most common reason that your drain or sewer will begin to cause problems is if there is some sort of blockage hidden within the piping; there are a number of types of blockage that may occur. Everything from a single object, such as a toy flushed by a curious child, or the gradual buildup of material, such as in the kitchen after months of regularly washing dishes, will cause a blockage. Each type of blockage will require a different type of “cure” from your professional, which is why you need to consider a CCTV drain survey to ensure that you know the source of the blockage and avoid delays from attempting the wrong cures first.


It may be that a tree near your property has begun to invade your home with its roots, which is another reason why some drains begin to flow less smoothly. Tree roots are particularly gifted at finding their way into drain pipes through the joins or cracks and once inside, they will continue to grow to fill the pipe, effectively blocking any movement through the pipe. A survey will help you to discover the location and cause of this ongoing blockage and allow you to take steps toward fixing the problem that will help you save as much time and money as possible.

Sewer Collapse

More severe and damaging than a simple blockage, a sudden sewer or drain collapse requires a bit more work to diagnose and benefits from the utilisation of a survey. It is important to plan out your remedial drain repairs accordingly and carry out a survey as the very first step of that process. Although this survey may not be able to reverse the cost of the damage caused by your collapsed sewer, it is likely to help you save time and money by avoiding misdiagnosis and the days or even weeks of time lost trying to correct the wrong problem. Professionals will also know how to help you save money even when working through severe damage in this type of situation and they are a deep well of knowledge from whom you may learn more about the process.

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