Diagnosing Your Unique Roofing Needs: How to Circumnavigate a Discussion with Your Contractor

A roofing consultation is not a linear conversation – it’s actually an adaptive exchange that should circle around multiple times to readdress all of the recommendations, proposals, assertions, and suggestions put forth by your contractor.

However, you shouldn’t concentrate exclusively on vetting the contractor, because it’s just as important to learn and study during the dialogue, especially if you haven’t read up on all of the changes to the roofing industry over the past decade or more.

A Straightforward Set of Questions to Remember

To have a constructive, fruitful meeting with a local pro, you can utilise the roadmap displayed below to help you hit all of the substantive linchpins of roofing:

  • After hammering out a firm budget and unbending spending limit, ask your roofer to draw up a list of four prudent options ordered by the extent of the producers’ warranties.
  • If your building is beset by dead valleys, slumped zones, wobbly flashings, or a rotting chimney, ask your local roofers in Saltash to clarify how these architectural problems will be factored into the repair.
  • Your vent intakes and loft aeration systems are both very consequential to the overall performance of the roof, so ask your roofer to inform you of how your current implements are holding up.

Sometimes a new roof can be affixed without completely ripping off the old materials, which is why you should inquire about this two-layer strategy if the initial estimate falls well outside your spending range.

Raising the Right Subjects

The typical roofing consultation should last at least 30 minutes, or conceivably longer if you request a cursory inspection of the attic and overhead areas, but be sure take full advantage of this free session with an expert. You may want to keep a scratchpad and pencil on hand to scribble down every point you touch on.



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