Different Design Ideas for a Granny Flat

Granny flats can be a great addition to any type of property and you can choose between a wide number of different designs to find one that suits your budget and your needs. A granny flat can be used for all kinds of reasons and you will need to contact a professional building company to help you to design and build the perfect flat for your situation. There are lots of things to take into consideration but the first thing to do is work out what your budget is and then you can contact a building company to start going through design ideas with them.

Any good building company that specialises in building granny flats will be happy to show you previous examples of their work and this might be a good way to not only judge their capabilities but also to get hold of a few design ideas. You can find a company that specialises in building good quality granny flats in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and indeed any big city in the world by doing an online search.

Different Interiors

Every granny flat will have a different layout for the interior and what you want to use the flat for will affect how you should set out the interior. Some flats may have two or three bedrooms and bathrooms, while others may be smaller and just have one and having a living area, dining room and kitchen are all common features of a standard granny flat.

Below are a few of the most common reasons to get a granny flat built:

  • To house an elderly relative
  • To use as an extra room such as a study
  • To rent out to students
  • To create additional space for storage
  • To put your teenagers when they reach university age

Lots of home owners will get a granny flat built in order to house an elderly relative, so that they can stay close by but others will build a granny flat to put their teenagers in, when they are old enough to start living on their own but you still want to keep an eye on them.


You will need to think about the exterior of the granny flat as well, as this is the part of the building that you as the home owner will end up looking at.

Below are a few examples of the most popular types of exteriors available:

  • A flat roof
  • Standard and luxurious designs made from different materials
  • Simple steps or a ramp leading to the front door
  • Lots of glass to attract natural light
  • A square or rectangular shaped building
  • Something with an additional outdoor decking area

It is important to discuss a timeframe when you contact a building company to do the work for you, as you will need to ensure that they will be able to finish the work in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your property.

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