Different types of patio cover materials

patio cover materials

If you are looking forward to the patio covers for your backyard, chances are that you will end up with a lot of choices at your disposal. Consequently, you will be confused about which one to pick and which one to leave. There is a wide variety of styles and material with which the patio covers are manufactured. Check out the royal covers and you will be able to explore the depth of options that you can have when selecting these coverings. So, to make things easy for you, here we will list the details about 3 primary types of cover materials.


Wood is one of the most popular choices for patio covering. Especially, if you have got the wooden furniture, such as teak wood table sets and chairs, chances are that you will try to match it up with relevant covering. And there is always something unique and appealing about the wood that no other furnishing material can match. These coverings are available to you in numerous styles and designs with varying color and textures.

The drawback to using wood is that it generally comes with a high price tag. Moreover, depending on your choice of wood, it will require regular maintenance such as sanding and repainting.


For the individuals that look forward to low maintenance options, the vinyl can be the best pick. It won’t require sanding or repainting for at least a few years. Selecting high quality vinyl is, at times, more durable than wood and is less prone to rotting, peeling, and cracking.

But as with good comes the bad and, for vinyl, it lacks in appearance. It is not as appealing as wood and if you look forward to add the lavish feel to your home then this one may not be the best selection for you. Moreover, you get limitation in terms of colors and painting.


Aluminum is durable and minimal maintenance material with a reasonable price tag. It is strong and at the same time it is pretty lightweight. Although you may find that it costs a bit than other materials, the fact that it is low maintenance and will last for a long time makes it a decent pick.

However, with aluminum comes heat retention as metals are good conductors of heat. So, you got to get the high end aluminum or else you may feel uncomfortable while standing under it.

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