Do’s And Don’ts for Making Your Move a Success

Moving is stressful, and whether you’re ready or not, your move will continue. There are many reasons why individuals move between neighbourhoods, cities, and even countries for work, school, family, and travel. A lot goes into moving, especially when it comes to organisation and the little details. From packing to planning your pet’s travel, there are a lot of tasks that go into a successful and hopefully less stressful move. While you take a break between moving boxes, here are a few do’s and don’ts to help make your move a success.


  • Make sure that your insurance is up to date- This means your homeowners insurance as well as making sure that you have moving insurance. Things should go off without a hitch, but it’s best to always have backup. When choosing an insurance, take care to pick a plan that works for you and your needs.
  • Purge your home- Don’t take anything that you don’t need, or that won’t fit in your new home. You should know the dimensions and room sizes in your new home, so that you don’t take things you don’t need or won’t fit. However, if you don’t want to part with something that won’t fit in your home, you can choose to put items in storage instead.
  • Pack things that are non-breakable yourself- You can help the movers by packing non-breakable items. You should leave the breakable and heavy items to your movers as they likely have much more experience and will know best how to pack fragile items.
  • Colour code your boxes- This way, you’ll know where each box goes and what’s inside. This will also help your movers.
  • Don’t rely on price alone- While affordability is important, you shouldn’t simply choose a moving company based on price alone. You should consider their reputability, the services they offer, and their customer support. Visit our Bill Removalists Sydney website to find out more about affordable and reliable moving options.
  • Pack a bag for your travels- Make sure to separately pack a bag or bags so that you can easily access the things you need.


  • Don’t hire just any movers- You should make sure the removalists that you hire are experienced, friendly, well-trained, and work for your needs. Also, you should make sure that the removalist team you hire can work within your budget. Find affordable removalists in Wollongong like Bill Removalists Sydney.
  • Don’t pack your valuables in the moving truck- Keep valuables such as jewellery, cash, and documents with you when possible.
  • Don’t bother the movers when they’re working, especially if they’re moving heavy objects. This way, you can avoid any accidents.
  • Don’t hire any movers that aren’t insured- Request a certificate for proof of insurance.
  • Don’t remove clothes that you won’t need during the move from dressers- You can save yourself money on boxes. Also, take care to keep the clothes that you’ll need during the move separate so you can access them easily.

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