Essential Air Conditioner Care Tips

The air conditioning system has significantly improved the level of comfort for millions of American homes. It does not only offer support during the summer and winter seasons, but it also ensures that your desired temperature is within reach anytime. Additionally, the AC system is responsible for maintaining good air quality indoors and it also significantly reduces indoor air pollutants and contaminants. Therefore, having an AC unit became a necessity in most homes and offices here in the United States.

When the system is damaged or broken, life becomes uncomfortable. It is, therefore, necessary to know basic care tips for your unit for it to last longer and prevent it from getting broken. It is also advisable to keep contact details for AC repair Houston TX services to ensure that you can call for assistance anytime you need to.


You air conditioner filter is the primary recipient of every contaminant and pollutant in the air. It acts as the receptor of these things so they won’t get in your homes or offices. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that it is routinely cleaned and regularly replaced. Not cleaning it might cause clogging and reduce the units’ efficiency; Furthermore, if it is unreplaced, its functionality will not just lessen, but it could be useless over time. When it is no longer good, it can’t perform its task properly, and thus, pollutants may enter indoors. Experts recommend that these filters are replaced every three months depending on the level of usage and the volume of contaminants getting in.


The life of AC coils is longer than the filter itself. The condenser coil and the evaporator coil can last for years without replacement, but it needs regular cleaning. The cleanliness of these two are dependent on the filter too; therefore, it is a must to clean the coils whenever you clean the filter. Having a clean screen ensures that the evaporator coil is not soiled rapidly. However, dirt will still build up. When this happens, the airflow reduction takes place, and the loop is insulated. When the coil is insulated, its heat absorption capability reduces; On the other hand, since the condenser coil is mostly visible, you can quickly notice dirt accumulation. One thing you need to do is minimize the amount of debris and dirt close to the unit. Clean its surroundings often so leaves, soil, dust and other particles do not amass.

Coil Fins

Both the condenser and evaporator coils come with aluminum fins. These fins bent easily, and as a result, it blocks off the airflow. It is advisable to purchase a fine comb so you can restore the coil fins’ condition anytime. You do not have to hire a maintenance specialist for that matter.


The drain channels are one of the essential parts of an AC unit; however, we often neglect it. When clogged, it could cause a lot of problems which may cause the system to stop working. It is crucial then to always clean the drain channels. The easiest way to do this is by passing a stiff wire through the channels’ drain. This simple cleaning technique ensures that there is no excess moisture and humidity is at par level all the time.

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