Everything you Need to Know about Steel Fixed Ladder

Steel Fixed Ladders are specially designed to access roof, ceiling spaces or other areas for industrial and commercial purposes. Being integral part of almost every building, these ladders are mounted vertically and provide safe climbing access.

Types of Steel Fixed Ladder

  • Depending on the requirements, the modular steel fixed ladders are manufactured with or without walk-through handrails. Handrails provide adequate support while climbing up or down the steel fixed ladder and are designed in such a way that they are graspable should you lose balance while going up or down.
  • Another form of steel fixed ladder is with safety cage protection suitable for side-step landing access or hatchway. You may find these ladders with safety cages and walk-through handrails for safe landing access.
  • Pricing of Steel Fixed Ladder varies depending on the quality and the product variants in terms of number of rungs, overall length (inches), length-top to bottom rung (feet), shipping weight etc.
  • As these steel fixed ladders are usually designed for industrial and commercial purposes, safety standards are adequately maintained. These ladders are heavy duty and sturdy in built, single-unit welded ladders that offer safe landing access at commercial and industrial sites. Not only the manufacturing but installation is also equally important.

While selecting a Vendor

  • You will find so many manufacturers and distributors dealing in steel fixed ladder However, as this involves safety and security of your workforce at your industrial or commercial premises, you need to do a thorough fact finding before selecting any supplier of steel fixed ladder for your premises. You may ask for custom-made steel fixed ladders that would be suiting your requirements. As mentioned earlier; apart from the strong built or make of the ladder, a proper and firm installation is also critical to ensure safety while in use as you would not want to get into legal liabilities should there be any mishap on your premises while using these ladders.
  • You may find some manufactures that have innovative designs and concepts of steel fixed ladders to offer enhanced safety and ease of usage. They have dedicated research and development units that utilize latest technology, experience and industry to design and make product that not only provides higher safety standards but excellent experience, for ergonomically designs. Such manufacturers not only pay due attention to produce strong and sturdy steel fixed ladders but also strive to offer such designs that promote user-friendly experience.
  • While choosing steel fixed ladders for your industrial or commercial sites, it is always advisable to request a manufacturer representative’s visit to your premises. That will give manufacturer an opportunity to see the location physically and take precise measurements to custom-made the structure for you. That will be an enhanced safety measure as any loose or weak installation due to slight measurement mismatch can prove to be disastrous at work and may involve legal complications under the law of land.

So once you have identified a requirement for steel fixed ladders, arrange vendor visits and while deciding to place an order, give due consideration to quality, design and installation.


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