Fabrication And Welding: How Different Are They And What Are Their Applications?

Many buildings are designed with a solid metal infrastructure so that they can remain standing for decades and can withstand damage. Two processes which are used to design the infrastructure are steel fabrication and welding.

These are separate processes, both of which are needed to create these metal structures. Fabrication and welding are also used in many other construction processes.

Read this helpful guide in order to learn about the similarities and differences of each method, and how they are applied.


Put simply, fabrication refers to a process where metal structures are built using cutting and bending. There are several steps to this method, and each step needs to be successfully completed to ensure that the structure can be built.

The cutting is achieved using a variety of methods. The metal can be sawed using a manual or electric cutter. The metal can also be sheared into strips using a special shearing machine. This can be more accurate than cutting the metal by hand because the shearing machine can be guided by a laser. Hand-held blowtorches can also be used in the cutting stage.

Next, in the fabrication process comes the bending stage. Metal fabricators will hammer the metal into shape using manual tools or an automatic hammer. Press brakes are machines which are also used in the metal bending process. These machines ensure that the metal can be bent to exact specifications. This requires less manpower than manually hammering the metal, so this is the method that is preferred by many firms.

Once the metal has been bent into shape, it is time to start the final stage of the process. This is the assembly stage, where different pieces of bent metal are joined together in order to create the final structure. The structure can be assembled by a variety of different methods.

The most common method is welding, where metal is fused together using blowtorches. The metal can also be joined together by using adhesives, riveting or fasteners. Once this stage has been completed, then the metal structure will be complete. Remson Steel provide steel fabrication in Perth that creates stable metal structures.


Welding involves fusing different pieces of metal together using high temperatures. This is used in a wide range of building projects, from connecting metal pipes together to joining large sheets of metal. There are several different types of welding.

Shielded metal arc welding involves using electrodes in order to complete the weld. Gas tungsten arc welding using a tungsten electrode. The welding area is protected from contamination using a shielding gas such as argon. Gas metal arc welding uses a device that feeds wire at an adjustable speed in order to complete the welding process.

Different types of welding produce different types of fastening. It is important to identify which technique is the best for the job at hand.

Hopefully, this guide has successfully explained the fabrication and welding processes and how they are used.

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