Finding Granny a Great Place to Live

As grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles age, there are many challenging decisions to make regarding their care and accommodation. Family members want to provide the best living conditions and the most independent lifestyle possible, without sacrificing the highest level of safety and care available. Often, balancing these priorities can seem impossible.

One of the more difficult times for families to manage is when the elderly are too frail, lonely, or forgetful to live on their own, but do not require assisted living or elderly home care. It can seem as if there is not an accommodation option for these relatives, but there is. Granny flats are self-contained, modular homes designed for elderly relatives. They are generally connected to a primary residence in some fashion.

How Granny Flats Provide Solutions

Often times family members feel responsible for the care and well-being of elderly relatives. However, in our busy world it can be difficult to find the time to visit or provide necessary care if this older relative lives on the other side of town. In the same breath, sacrificing the privacy and space of your home in order to have an elderly relative move into your primary residence presents its own set of unique challenges. Granny flats solve all of these concerns.

Granny flats also allow family members to spend more time together. One common concern as relatives become older is how much time remains to build memories together. Granny flats give family members the necessary independence, space, and privacy when needed, but also allow for frequent family dinners, afternoon conversations over tea, and personal time together. Granny flats remove the vector of complicated logistics and transportation requirements.

Have Your Granny Flat Professionally Constructed

A number of companies are able to design and build additional dwellings on your property, but only a few builders specialise in granny flat designs in Perth. Granny flats are constructed on the same piece of property as the primary residence, and they must comply with the specific zoning laws in Western Australia. Hiring a designer and builder with specific expertise in granny flats can have many positive implications for your older relatives’ quality of life.

Features Common to Granny Flats

Granny flats often include certain features or characteristics that are specific to the needs of an elderly person. The building should have a comfortable bedroom, kitchen, and living space all on a single level and without any entry steps. This will make it easier to move throughout the building.

Wheelchair access is a common feature, regardless of whether it is utilised at the onset. Often times the toilet is designed to be handicap accessible, and the shower is constructed with a seat or handlebar for easier bathing. Intercom systems and direct communication lines to the primary residence also make a granny flat safer in case of a slip or injury.

Other Uses of a Granny Flat

While granny flats are most commonly utilised for elderly relatives, they are useful spaces before or after this need. Often, these detached spaces offer the privacy desired by an adult child or out-of-town visitors. Granny flats are often compact, and make for great storage spaces or home studios for artists. If the exact layout of the granny flat does not fit the intended needs, it is possible to revise the design, look, or setup of the building for a fraction of what it costs to construct a new addition to your home.

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