Flower Bulb Planting Guide

Have you decided upon to plant the flowering bulbs in your garden? Then what are you waiting for. This article will provide you a detail guide about planting the flowering bulbs.

The most important thing is that the flower bulbs should planted during the Fall. This enables the development of the root systems by the arrival of the Spring time. The flower bulbs start blooming from the month of April till the late July. The summer blooming bulbs start blooming from the month of June till August.

Guidelines for flower bulb planting:

1. Firstly, select an appropriate place for planting the bulbs. There are bulbs available that can thrive well in different climatic conditions, right from shady to sunny climate and dry to moist soil. The larger the bulbs are, more number of flowers will be produced.

2. the soil can be made fertile by adding compost, peat moss, organic matter or rotted manure. The pH of the soil for the flower bulbs should be in the range of 6-7. lime or some other organic matter can be added to increase or decrease the pH level of the soil, if necessary.

3. then depth of the soil for planting the flower bulbs should be around 5-8 inches. If the bulbs are smaller in size, then you can plant them at a level of about 6 inches, whereas the larger ones can be planted deeper into the soil.

4. the large bulbs should be placed 6 inches apart from one another, while the small bulbs at a distance of 3-4 inches away. Proper spacing ensures better growth and development of the leaves and the plants.

5. the soil should be enriched with bone meal at the time of planting the flower bulbs. During the autumn and spring season, you can add fertilizer to the soil to increase the quality of the soil.

6. water the bulbs frequently to keep them moist throughout the year. See to it that they do not dry out.

7. during the time of Fall, all a layer of organic mulch 3-4 inches deep for protecting them from the chilly winters.

Planting the bulbs in your garden keeps your garden blooming continuously throughout the year. You can enjoy a bright, colorful garden by planting the flowering bulbs in your garden for all the 12 months.

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