Gas Vs Electric – Which is the Best for a Modern Fireplace

For British homeowners, this question has been around for many years, and with the inclement winters, the living room open fire is part of the tradition that stretches across the British Isles. In former times, the majority of open fires were using coal, the fossil fuel that ignited the Industrial Revolution, then gas became a practical alternative, and with natural gas that is piped through a vast nationwide network, almost every part of the UK is hooked up to the natural gas grid. Electricity is perhaps the most versatile power source, and the national grid is even more impressive than that of gas, providing the homeowner with power at the touch of a switch.

Fireplace Choices

With both gas and electricity having their good points, one must ask the question, “What am I looking for in a fire?” Of course, you want an efficient heat generation, and if you really insist on the real flame, then gas has to be the obvious choice. Gas fires are designed to take full advantage of the flame, and try as they might, the electric counterparts come in a poor second in the flame stakes. For those who really want to stick close to nature, there are modern, multi-fuel stoves that can burn a range of fuels, which include coal, wood, and peat. If, for example, you are interested in gas fireplaces in East Yorkshire, there is a local company that has an impressive range of fires and stoves for every environment.

Running Costs

Despite major developments in energy use reduction, the gas fire typically wins by a short head, and with the convenience factor equal in both camps, if you are energy cost conscious, then gas is the way to go, and with a range of flame effects available, you can create a warm and inviting glow in your living room.

Instant Heat

Gas has the advantage with a faster heat generation, which would be very noticeable for a person who has just arrived home into a very cold living room, and wishes for quick heat, gas would achieve the desired warmth much quicker than an electric fire, and then you have the real flame that is exclusive to gas, while electric fires offer a simulation that does come close.

Personal Preference

We are all unique in our own way, and most people do have a preference regarding gas and electric fires, and whatever you choose, make sure the supplier is both reputable and established. There are online suppliers of many types of fires and fireplaces, and by consulting with the experts, you will be able to make an informed decision. Prices do vary and the best time to look at gas or electric fires is in the summer, when the demand is at its lowest, and the supplier would ideally design and build a suitable fireplace, which would become the focal point of the living room.

Whether you decide on gas or electric, make sure that the unit is installed by qualified technicians, and hopefully, your new fire will make those cold, winter evenings so much nicer.

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