Granite And Stone In Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for new countertops or a full renovation of your bathroom, you should consider using granite and stone. They’re often overlooked somewhat, but they are incredible materials that make for great bathroom fixtures. Granite and stone are so great since they are sturdy and reliable. Also, they’re naturally waterproof. Obviously, that’s going to be very important for a bathroom, especially for the sink counter. Here are some things to think about.

Granite and Stone

Granite and stone are often used by plumbers in Berkshire during renovations.

  • Granite is naturally waterproof and scratch-resistant. That means it won’t be scratched if you need to scrub something off the countertop.
  • It won’t absorb any water, so it won’t bloat or warp over time.
  • It is a very strong material, which means it won’t crack or break in the near future.
  • The biggest caveat is that granite and stone can be brittle. If they hang over the base of the counter too much, pieces can potentially break off.
  • If you have more than an inch or two of overhang, you need to reinforce the stone.
  • Granite and stone are available in multiple different colours that match most bathrooms.

Quality Materials

You need to work with quality plumbers so that you know you are getting quality materials. Good granite and good marble are of the utmost importance. If they are of low quality, they might have imperfections that undermine their performance. Low-quality marble or granite can be brittle and unusable. Make sure you buy from the best manufacturers.

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