Great Key Safes for a Wide Range of Solutions

Key Safes

Lots of people hide their front door keys under stones, under plant pots or in a garden shed. Unfortunately, this can prove to be a decision they might regret especially if unwanted intruders find the keys. So this doesn’t happen to you, check out great key safes for a wide range of solutions if you’re not at home, such as:-

  • Leaving a key for someone you trust if you have to go out
  • Your kids letting themselves in from school
  • A neighbour who is checking your property while you’re on holiday

Choose an outdoor key box that is wall-mounted, has a hinged door and resettable four-wheel disc combination lock. These useful key boxes also have steel back plates to resist attacks and a zinc cast body which can resist sawing or hammering.  A key safe is also rust free so will stay looking good no matter what the weather is like.

Key Safes

Other types of safes available to buy

There are many other types of safes available to order online. As well as key safes there are:-

  1. Wall-mounted safes
  2. Emergency key storage safes
  3. Outdoor key boxes
  4. Digital cabinets

Many are available in different colours too such as grey, red, white, black and beige to compliment indoor or outdoor décor. If you have back door keys, front door keys, garden shed keys, conservatory keys, a secure key safe that holds between twelve and twenty keys is ideal. This kind of safe has a hinged door, weather cover and is quite deep to accommodate a number of keys.

High quality products

Expect high quality products no matter which safe for keys you buy. You can also experience an outstanding online shopping experience that is hassle-free, efficient, quick and professional. If you need any help choosing the right safe for your keys, whether indoors or outdoors, make contact with advisers who are more than happy to help. Choose a secure safe for your keys from well-known brands including:-

  • HPC
  • Kidde
  • Yale
  • ABUS
  • TATA

You’re sure to be pleased with the product you order.

Get in touch

To get in touch with key storage solution suppliers, send an email or complete an online enquiry form with your name, email address, telephone number and a message. You can save cash on orders over a certain amount with listed prices that include delivery anywhere in Australia. Enjoy same day delivery if you place an order before a certain time too.

Helpful teams of assistants can answer any questions you may have on:-

  • Key safes
  • Standard, emergency and digital safes as well as key tags
  • Fire and home safes

Companies can also benefit from large key safes that hold many keys.  The keys are all contained in a lockable, heavy duty steel cabinet which has numbered key tags with key rings. For easy reference there’s also a lock location chart you can consult.

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