Here is what to do when you spot Ticks in your Home

It isn’t fun to find ticks crawling while relaxing on your sofa. Ticks are associated with health threats and can be embarrassing. These issues can disturb your mind, and probably start wondering whether you brought that tick from outside or it has been living in your house.

Fortunately, most ticks rarely live inside homes, but under favorable conditions, these creepy little animals can invade your living space and become an endless problem for you and your loved ones. If you ever find a tick in your home, the first thing you should do is to determine how it got there.

How to identify an infestation and what to do

Spotting a tick on your clothes or skin doesn’t indicate an outbreak. If you have been in the outside area where ticks existed and gotten into your clothes, you can discard it and get done with it. However, if you see ticks in different areas within your home, it’s time to contact a reliable local pest control expert. Here are aspects of tick infestation and indicate that spotting a tick on your sofa might be more than just an isolated event.

If you have pets, either a cat or a dog that goes in and out of your house regularly, the chances are that the tick you spotted isn’t just an isolated event. It’s advisable to check your pets for ticks. This is because once they get on your dog or cat, they tend to work their way to hide under the pet’s collar and ears. Ticks may also feed between the pet’s toes and in the groin area.

Have you spotted rodents or seeing signs of rodents within your home? Rats, mice, and other similar animals can bring ticks into your home. It’s possible that there are many ticks within your home as a single rat or mouse can carry tens of ticks on its body.

If you have seen a brown dog tick within your home, you should act fast. Of all types of ticks, brown dog tick is the worst because it can complete its lifecycle within your home. One or two ticks are enough to create a serious tick infestation. Brown dog ticks prefer feeding on dogs, and thus, they can easily work their way into your home if a visitor brings their dog with them or your dog gets these ticks while outdoors and brings them home.

Well, you have just realized that you’re living with ticks within your home. Now what? It’s recommended to contact a professional to estimate the extent of the infestation, the type of ticks that have invaded your home, and create a robust tick control and prevention plan. Keep in mind that a tick control expert has been trained on how to look for ticks, the best control techniques for different ticks, and all the necessary chemicals and equipment required to eliminate these animals from your home.

Ticks are a nuisance and can transmit diseases to humans. Different diseases spread by ticks can result in serious medical complications.

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