Hiring a Van vs a Removals Company

The self or DIY move is becoming increasingly popular for both home and business relocations. The ability to hire a large van has made many people self-sufficient and able to cater to their own removal needs but this solution isn’t necessarily right for everyone.

Here we’ll present the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you find the right method for your needs.


Cost is always going to be the deciding factor for many people and businesses. DIY is considered to be the cheaper option but this isn’t always the case as there can be many unforeseen costs. Some points for consideration are;

  • You will likely need a van for multiple days depending on the size of your move
  • Van hire is expensive
  • You are still going to have to purchase boxes and materials to pack your belongings
  • Accidents and breakages can quickly add to the costs
  • Your time is valuable so time off work can see the associated costs becoming unattractive

On a like for like basis, hiring a removals company is almost always the cheaper option.


Most people won’t have the correct entitlement on their driving licenses allowing them to drive vehicles over a certain size and weight. The type of van available to those with a car license is relatively small and offers little carrying capacity. For larger moves, you will likely have to make multiple trips making the process less than straightforward and possibly impractical.


The van you hire itself will of course need its own insurance policy but what about your expensive furniture and equipment? If you break anything that you’re transporting due to inexperience then you are solely going to be left footing the bill.

Most removals companies will have their own insurance policies to cover these eventualities which can be worth their weight in gold.

Learning on the Job

Correctly packing a box is much more involved than most people think. There is an art to the process which a trained removals company operative will know like the back of their hand.

Instead you will most likely spend a lot of time packing and then repacking boxes to make sure that they can be picked up without damage. For the cost of a couple of hundred pounds this process could be taken care of by someone else.

A team of three operatives can pack a 3 bedroomed house in less than a day leaving you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Hire the Right Company

If we’ve managed to sway your opinion and you’ve decided that a removals company is for you, make sure that you obtain a number of quotes to get the best deal. If there are any services that you don’t need or could do yourself, ask for them to be removed for a discount.

Get in touch with one of the best removal companies in Stamford, who also tend to cover most of East Anglia. Try and find one who is also a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) to guarantee the highest level of professionalism and competence.

If you do decide to go it alone then a methodical approach will provide you with the best odds of a successful move.

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