Home Balcony Design Skills for New House Owners

The balcony can be a part of living room if through a perfect planning. A small study room, a noon rest place, as long as you spend some thoughts on it, it will make you exclaim.

The design for the balcony

In home decorating, the design for balcony not only needs to satisfy the practical function, but also pay attention to the safety and hygiene problems. Normally, the area of the balcony will not be too wide. It is in a range of three to five ㎡. In such a small space, it affords people to exercise, grow plants as well as tile the sundries. Therefore, it has to be well arranged on design and trying to let every function come true. You may grow some plants on the balcony. It can be enjoyed and shelter the sunshine. For the closed balcony, you may install the aluminum alloy or model steel window and decorate it to a single function place such as study room.

Water proof is a must for balcony

For the hardware of the balcony, two points you should pay attention to. First is the water proof. And the second is still the water proof. For the first water proof, you have to show eye to the quality. It should have fine seal ability. Do not mix the inner and out water proof frame. As to the second waterproof, you have to keep the floor water proof. First, you have to make sure that there is tilt for the balcony floor. The lower side can put an outfall. The second is that you have to make sure that there is at least 2 to 3 centimeter height between the balcony and living room.

Suggestion for balcony design

Leaving a green space for the home

In modern living, people are away from the nature. Therefore, adding more green for the home space is a good choice. If you love growing plants, you may design a corner as a plants display area. Paving the green brick is the best background. Though the area is limited, it can offer a place for the owner to relax.

Distinguish the main and second for the double balcony

Some houses have two even three balconies. In decorating, the double balconies have to make it clear for the main and the second. Do not put them in the same position. The balcony near the living room and main bedroom is the main balcony. The main function for it is to relax there. For decorating material, it does not have huge difference with the living room. The second balcony normally connected with kitchen or other rooms. The main function of the second balcony is storage and hanging clothes. Therefore, you may not seal this one when decorating. You had better use the flooring which is anti-skid.

Make the balcony as a study room

You may seal the balcony by glass or woody material and change it into a study room. The green leaves from outside seems touchable as if it were entering the room. The nature is melt with the study room in such a small place. In order to save space, you may design the secretaire, bookshelf in small but exquisite style.

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