Home Security – Cost Effective Solutions for the Homeowner

If you read the newspapers, you will be aware of the rising crime statistics, and unfortunately, the homeowner is very often the target, and with many properties unprotected, the average burglar is not limited in choice. The modern house burglar is an opportunist thief, and would look for the right signs when targeting a property, and if you would like your home to be one that is not on their list, here is a cost effective way to boost your home security.

  • Aluminium Roller Shutters – The obvious visual deterrent is more than enough to prevent any attempt at forced entry, and with made to measure units that are self-locking, you can rest assured that your home will not be one of the many that are victims of burglars. If you have a mental image of bulky shutters that are not pleasing to the eye, the latest generation of automated roller shutters are designed with aesthetics in mind, and the range of power coated colours allow for something that is in line with the overall look of the property.
  • Additional BenefitsInstalling window roller shutters brings with it other attractions, which include sound insulation and the ability exclude sunlight at any time. You might, for example, want to watch a movie in the afternoon, and one touch of the remote will eliminate the daylight, giving you a movie theatre ambience. Automated units mean effortless adjustment, and with the right size slats, you also have a fine level of control over how much light you let in. Some of us have to work at night and sleeping during the day presents its own problems, with the neighbours cutting the grass, or working on the car, but window shutters give you a high degree of sound insulation.
  • Door Shutters – It isn’t only the windows you can protect, and with made to measure shutters on all access points, the property is protected at all times. By choosing a contrasting colour, your home will take on a new look when all the shutters are closed, and this also offers protection against hail and storm damage, which is always a possibility with the harsh Australian climate. If your garage is adjacent to your home, why not have a roller shutter door added? This will ensure that every access point is protected and with made to measure solutions, the units will fit like a glove.
  • Marine Grade Extruded Aluminium – This is a tried and tested material that is ideal for any climate, including coastal regions, and with a comprehensive warranty that covers both materials and labour, you are assured of a durable and long-lasting solution to your home security concerns. The supplier would likely have a few grades to choose from, which would include heavy duty materials that are more than sufficient to deter even the most enthusiastic thief.

Roller shutters have come a long way in the past decade, and modern solutions not only offer great protection, they also enhance the look of your property.

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