How A Damaged Foundation Can Hurt Your Home Renovation

The home’s foundation is its most basic part and no structure can be built without it. This is why it takes only a structural engineer to assess and build it; otherwise, you create a huge risk of having an entire wall or home collapse due to bad design. As with the feet and legs in the human body, a foundation is where the entire structure stands so it should be well equipped to bear all the weight.

If you’re considering having your home renovated, problems with your foundation can make it difficult and more expensive to carry out. A poorly done or weak foundation can limit the amount of enhancements you can do for your structure. If you insist on pushing through with your grand renovation plans, you will have to be prepared to rework the whole section—and this will come with a huge cost.

Renovation and Your Existing Foundation

Are you planning to turn your one-storey home into a two-storey structure? Your foundation might not be prepared for this type of change. Worse, you have a damaged base that will disable you from applying any sort of major structural enhancements that will further add weight to it. This is why a foundation is very important.

According to the structural experts at Taylor Foundations, if you build a single-storey house now but have plans of expanding in the future, be sure to lay down a solid foundation to prepare for it. So that when the time comes that you’re ready to renovate, all you need to do is add that extra floor. However, if you had failed to maintain the integrity of your base, then you could be forced to rehabilitate it entirely. When your foundation cracks and settles, major structural issues could follow—and rehabilitation costs can go upwards of $10,000.

But not all hope is lost. With the help of an experienced foundation repair company you can rebuild your home without having to go through all the stress. Even if your plans are still in their infancy, start consulting with an expert so you can identify potential points of concern before they escalate and make things more expensive. An undiagnosed foundation problem will certainly lead to bigger problems in the future. Be proactive in maintaining your structure, even if you not an engineer, by conducting an initial sweep of your property to point out cracks and any disintegrations on your structure, so you can get them fixed immediately.

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