How Can You Keep Your Awnings In Good Condition

Installing some awnings in the back garden is a good idea for several reasons. You will be protecting yourself against the elements, as well as the harmful rays of the sun. You will also be making your house look more attractive.

You need to make sure that your awnings are in good condition all of the time. This will prevent problems from occurring in the future. How can you make sure that the awnings are in top condition all of the time?

Sweep Leaves And Debris Off Them

When there is a storm, a lot of debris can land in the garden. This will make the garden look extremely unkempt. Some of this debris will find its way onto the top of the outdoor awnings in Perth. Stagnant rainwater, dead leaves and animals are just some of the things that can collect on awnings over time.

You should make sure to sweep the awnings on a regular basis. This will allow you to remove bark and leaves, plus other detritus. You will be making the awning completely clear and it will no longer sag under the weight of the debris which has collected there. This reduces the chances of the awning becoming damaged. If you cannot climb a ladder to get to the top of the awning then you can hire someone to look on your behalf.

Check For Any Rips And Tears

Some awnings are made from waterproof fabric which is stretched across a metal frame. This material is extremely robust, but sometimes rips and tears can develop without you really noticing. It is important that you inspect the awnings on a regular basis for any rips and tears.

Check For Dents

Some awnings are not made out of reinforced fabric. Instead, they are made out of metal. This can provide more robust protection for people who are sitting underneath and enjoying the view. Sometimes, accidents can occur where tree branches fall onto the awning whilst it is extended. If the force of the impact is strong enough, the falling tree branch is going to leave a large dent in the metalwork that you might need to get straightened out.

A robust awning will be able to withstand the force of a blow like this and still not get ripped or dented.

Check For Bird Droppings

When you are sat in the shade of your awning, you will be able to watch lots of different birds as they swoop and play in the trees. This is extremely pleasing and you might want to take up birdwatching as a hobby.

When you are outside, you can tick off the names of the birds that you are seeing. However, there is one major drawback to having so many birds in your garden at once. The birds might fly over the awning and defecate on it. This can be extremely irritating and can make the outside of the house look very unattractive.

You need to take care of your awnings at all times.


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