How HVAC Technicians Can Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Spring is great not only because you get to spy the first bursts of green that you’ve seen in a while, but also because for a short time, you need no heating or cooling. Not only do you get to be naturally comfortable, you get to spend a whole lot less on your energy bills, as well.

There’s something that you do need to do as you prepare to enjoy the weather, however — you need to shut down your furnace properly, and get your air conditioner ready for the summer ahead.

Why do you need to do anything about the furnace?

If you have a central air conditioner (rather than separate units for each room, it shares its ductwork with the furnace. If the furnace has been working all winter, the dust filters are probably clogged, and the system won’t deliver reasonable airflow. The filters need to be changed.

You wouldn’t think that you’d need to get your furnace motor, belts and pulleys serviced in spring — you would rather do all that in October just as the cold sets in. According to Bonney Plumbing, however, spring is a better idea, since you’ve just experienced the furnace all winter, and if anything’s wrong with it, you remember exactly what it is. You’ll be a lot more effective getting everything corrected. It also helps that in spring, practically no furnace repairman has much to do. You’ll get one in easily and on the cheap.

There’s the air conditioner too

Air-conditioners need service more often than furnaces do. The way they are designed, they pass large quantities of air through sets of closely packed fins. The densely packed nature of these fins means that dust clogs occur on a regular basis. Getting your air conditioner ready for the season ahead requires a thorough cleaning procedure to ensure that there is no dust on those fins.

One part of your job getting your air conditioner clean is easily done. You need to change out the dust filters on the indoor unit (and keep cleaning them weekly). Cleaning the fins — whether on the outdoor unit or the indoor unit — isn’t as easy. While you could do it yourself if you are comfortable unscrewing panels on appliances and working on the insides, it’s usually much more sensible to call in a residential HVAC technician.

An HVAC tech can do more than clean your unit

An air conditioner is a complex system of pumps, refrigerant pipelines and motors. There’s a lot that can go wrong. Having a professional take a look at your unit can mean that the motor gets serviced and lubricated, the power draw gets tested for compressor health, and the refrigerant level gets checked.

It’s easy to see how all this can help. A well-maintained air-conditioner is easily more efficient.

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