How not to decorate your home in your 30s

family room blinds

If you’re already in your late twenties or you’ve gone past the 30 mark, it’s time to start decorating your home according to your age. Your entire should be a bit more serious at this time in your life. Functional elements like blinds and well designed details are a must. We have picked some tips from designers about what things you should definitely not have in your home if you’re at this stage of your life.

1. Temporary furniture

family room blinds

People often wait until they move into a permanent home to really start paying attention to decorating, and until then they buy anything that’s on sale just to fill up space. You should actually invest in classic pieces of furniture that you can take with you when you move to your permanent home.

2. TV shelves

It’s time to get rid of the shelves you bought for your TV. Buy something smaller and more functional, as well as more decorative.

3. Bare floors and small rugs

Rugs give a room warmth, but instead of reaching for the easiest solution, get a rug with a rich texture, color, and patter, in the largest possible dimensions the room allows.

4. Unframed posters and pictures

Avoid having unframed posters and pictures on your walls. Always make sure you are getting the right frames that will suit you.

5. Cheap sheets

Actually, there are absolutely no reasons to have cheap sheets in your home no matter how old you are. The better the quality of the sheets, the better the quality of your sleep, and ultimately, your life.

6. An unmade bed

You just need a minute to make your bed in the morning. An unmade bed can really take away from the entire look of the room and really put all the good things behind it making the room look worse than it actually is.

7. Accented walls

Instead of making the space better, they actually do the opposite. There are much better ways of creating focus points in a room. Be careful choosing the ways of making a unicolor space come to life, and make sure you really know how to transform a space using colors.

8. Pap picture frames

When you’re at this stage of your life, it’s best to invest into things that you will own for a really long time, if not you’re entire life. For example, a simple picture frame in a silver color or some other color will look sophisticated and will go with any decor.

9. Plastic dishes

Plastic dishes are something you really don’t want in your home unless you are planning a party or something like that.

10. Fake plants

Even if you don’t have the gift of caring for plants, getting fake ones is certainly not the right move. Try getting a plant that doesn’t need a lot of care, but don’t get a plastic one. It won’t ever work well.

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