How to Deep Clean Your House

You may be ready to start spring cleaning, or you may just be sick of all of the clutter and mess around your home. Whatever the reason, follow these tips when you want to deep clean your home and enjoy a fresh, clean house.

Start by Decluttering

If there are items in your home that you don’t need any more, just get rid of them. Either throw them away or start one pile for the goodwill bin down the street.

Begin with the items that are visible; don’t start on closets just yet as that can be overwhelming. Once you get all the junk out of the way, you’ll be more energized to really get down to the dirty areas.

Start Up High and Descend

You’ll want to get the dusting that is up high done right away, such as the ceiling fans, ceiling trim, light fixtures and high baseboards. That way, the dust falls down first so that you can clean it up later.

A microfiber duster or mop head with an adjustable handle will work the best, especially if you have furniture in the way that you cannot move easily. Spritz the duster or mop head with a small amount of water or furniture polish to get the areas that are high.

For baseboards and lower areas, you’ll want to add some dish soap to warm water and use that. Be sure to wring out your cloth or mop often and change the water mixture as needed.

Don’t Neglect the Windows!

Windows can be a pain, but clean windows can make a room sparkle. First, take a vacuum hose to the tracks and sills to pull up dirt and dust. After that, use a cleaner to wipe down the window from top to bottom, even the glass.

Dry the glass with a squeegee. Finally, use a glass cleaner to shine the glass. You’ll be amazed at how much more light will come into the room! If the windows have shades or blinds, you don’t need to pull them off.

Simply use a vacuum hose with a brush attachment or an adjustable duster to get in-between the slots. Curtains can be washed and ironed while you wipe the rods and rings off. If you are trying to save time, just throw them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets to freshen them up.

Start Dusting

The remaining surfaces can be dusted and polished with a quality wood cleaner that will leave your furniture looking new and shiny. A great tip for speed is to grab a clean cotton sock for your dominant hand to wipe down your tables and shelves as you move knick-knacks out of the way with the other hand.

A lint roller is great for dusty lampshades and takes just seconds to use. And if you come across any mold, be sure to consult a professional mold removal company.

Save the Floors for Last

When you are deep cleaning, it is important to move the furniture. Look for furniture gliders to rest under the legs of the bigger pieces, such as couches and china cabinets, which make it easier to move. Use the crevice tool of your vacuum to get to the corners and along any baseboards.

A microfiber mop and cleaner are good for hardwood floors, and carpets may need a professional rug scrubber to really get them clean.

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