How to Keep a Clean Pool All Summer Long

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Having a backyard swimming pool can be a fantastic experience, especially on a hot summer’s day. One can invite friends and family over for a pool party and celebrate long into the night around the pool. Of course, having a pool also means taking responsibility for maintaining it and keeping it clean. Though swimming pool technology has developed over time and made looking after a pool easier, there are still plenty of things that a pool owner needs to do.

Advice on Looking After a Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool may not be used for at least half of every year, but this doesn’t mean that it should be neglected during this time. Here are some tips for keeping a clean pool all year around:

  • Chemicals: Most backyard swimming pools need to be chlorinated. The low levels of chlorine kill any viruses and bacteria that build up in the pool from our bodies and from organic debris that enters the pool. Without chlorine, a pool would not really be a safe place to swim as bacterial growth could cause eye problems and ear infections. With that being said, ensuring that your pool has the right chlorine levels is really important. Too much and people swimming in it could have very sore eyes; too little and it will not be effective enough to kill any germs. To ensure optimum levels, get a water testing kit from a good local supplier and ensure that chlorine levels are maintained even during times when no one is in the pool.
  • Water Quality: Chlorine is not the only thing to be responsible for. It is also important to test the water for things such as hardness, cyanuric acid, calcium levels, and so on. The water quality has an impact on the enjoyment of the pool experience and when levels are not right, the pool can be a decidedly unfun place to be. If in doubt, talk to someone at a company that sells great value swimming pool supplies.
  • Pool Filters: Most in-ground pools these days have automatic pool filters built in. A filter will catch all of the larger debris that builds up in a pool, such as leaves and dirt, but it is important to clean the pool’s filters every day if possible. This will keep them working well and also keep the pool water clean and free of debris.
  • Water Levels: The water in a pool that is exposed to the sun will inevitably evaporate. It is thus important to top it up with water every now and again. Just make sure to shock or treat the pool afterwards to maintain optimum chlorine levels.

Enjoy Your Pool More!

Having a backyard swimming pool can be a wonderful experience where friends and family can gather but it is also a big responsibility. The good news is that one can buy great pool supplies from local companies to make the job of maintaining and cleaning it easier.

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