How to Make a Seaside Style Landscape

Beaches are heaven like places where you can spend quality time. You can get cool air and relax for a longer period of time. However, not all of us are lucky to have coastal belt next to our home. Not every one of us can lie on cold sand each weekend to enjoy the aroma of nature. However, you can plan alternatively for this natural landscape. You can make seaside style landscape at home.

Although it would not be the same as the long coastal belt; however, seaside landscaping can make the environment of your garden more natural. You can keep some good furniture where you can relax next to a swimming pool, with sand on the surface. Here are some of the ways through which you can make sea side landscape at home.

Fill the surface with sand and mold it

Once you have selected the area for your garden for seaside style landscape, fill it with sand. You can ask some landscaping experts about the appropriate sand that will be suitable for your garden. Number of thing e.g. topography, geography etc.are kept in consideration when deciding the type of sand. Moreover, you must make mold of the sand so that it do not scatter across and outside your garden. The ideal way to make seaside style landscape is to keep some part grassy as well. It will increase the beauty of your garden and the combination will look great.

Add water to your landscape

A seaside style landscape without water is like a jungle without trees. There must be some water in your landscape. You can make a small swimming pool/pond or you can fix some exquisite water fall. Many people make small ponds with sand around the pond. The size of a pond can vary, depending on the total area of your landscape.

Add sea style accessories

Choose one portion of your garden which you can ornate with accessories. You can decorate that portion with small sea shells, artificial star fish and sea plants. They look amazing and completely natural at home.

Use Perennial Plant

Perennial plants are tough to survive and they can last with minimal amount of water available to them. They can easily grow in sand and can handle high heat, wind and salt. Therefore, it will make your seaside garden more beautiful and you do not have to worry about the plants getting destroyed in a small time.

Deck chairs

Now these chairs are going to make you comfy in your seaside style landscape and you can spend hours every day near to your small swimming pool. You can use the same chairs that you used to take to the beach. You can read books, have coffee and enjoy some pleasant moments with your family and loved ones. For cleanness purpose, you can spread mat beneath the chairs so that your feet do not get sandy.

Paint near building like beach huts

Now as your garden is almost ready, give it a more natural feeling of a coastal area by painting the nearest room like beach huts. If you do not have a separate room for your garden, you can paint the walls of your home adjacent to your garden in different colors i.e. yellow, green, pink etc. You can also paint different graffiti’s of your choice or apply different posters.

Seaside children activities

Children love to play in the sand. From the past few decades playing in sand has unfortunately decreased due to increase use of Smartphones/tablets among children. However, if you give such environment where children can make different objects through sand and spend some time close to nature, it will really have positive impact on their life. Such setup will also give more natural look to your seaside style landscape. Therefore, if you have got some space, try to have a small play area of sand for your children.

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