Keep Your Water Expenses Reduced by Using a Low-flow Tap

Today, low-flow taps are used more and more in bathroom remodels to save the dwindling water supply. Not only can low-flow taps help you save money on your water bill, they also make it easier to operate your hot water tank.

Are You Remodelling Your Bathroom?

If you are planning a plumbing renovation for your bathroom, you will want to speak to plumbers in Blackpool about installing low-flow taps. You may want to replace your older kitchen taps with low-flow taps as well.

How Low-flow Taps Work

Low-flow taps work by combining oxygen with the water that comes out of tap. This effect gives the illusion that more water is flowing from the tap than the actual amount. When you compare normal taps with low-flow taps, you can see a marked difference in consumption. For example, the following statistics represent the reason for the low-flow variety:

  • Normal taps emit about 16 litres per minute
  • Low-flow taps deliver about 2 litres per minute

Other Conservation Methods

You can also conserve water with the following measures:

  • Divide the stream of water for a tap into a number of smaller jets
  • Add a flow aerator that will reduce water consumption

When you take conservation measures, low-flow taps in the home offer the following advantages:

  • Water use savings
  • Electricity use savings
  • Less pressure on an area’s natural resources

Fix Any Leaks Immediately

Another way to conserve water is to check for leaks and make sure open taps are not left running. Lowering the temperature control on your boiler also helps.


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