Listen Up: The Most Efficient Fans Are Here

A fan is an energy efficient way to cool your home and provide satisfactory air dispersion. It is a home appliance that is regarded as one of the essential components while building a house; thus it is crucial to buy the best fan available in the market. A fan helps cut electricity bills during summers as they are more energy efficient than air coolers or air conditioners. Some modern fans also come in different colors and designs that offer a decorative alternative to traditional fans.

The Ministry of Power launched the National Energy Efficient Fan Programme for Indian households and businesses wherein a consumer’s electricity bill will reduce by about INR 700-730 per year by using 50 Watts BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power) 5 star rated ceiling fans. These fans are 30 percent more energy efficient than a regular fan, and the cost recovery of buying these fans will be recovered within two years.

Importance of Energy-Efficient Fans

A standard high-efficiency centralized air conditioning system uses on an average 3,500 watts of power while running, and an air conditioner uses approximately 1000 watts. Contrastingly, a ceiling fan uses approximately 70 watts when turned on high mode. Hence, if we calculate, a room air conditioner uses roughly 19 times more power than a ceiling fan, which evidently makes a huge hole in your pocket.

A number of ceiling fan companies continue to improve features and designs to make a fan that is energy efficient and has noise control. So, if you want to stay cool this summer without spending a lot of money, here’s what you should know about your ceiling fans.

  • A ceiling fan can keep you warm in winter, and this can be done by reversing the blade direction to clockwise to push the warm air down to where you sit.
  • Air conditioners can mess with the HVAC system of your house when the thermostat settings indicate the temperature is too low or high. A ceiling fan is designed to generate airflow to maintain room temperature at a constant level at the hottest time of the day. Thus, you will save money, energy, and wear-and-tear on your air conditioner by using a fan more often.
  • A ceiling fan can be the perfect addition to your central air system so that you don’t need to blast off the air conditioner all the time, and only use it when you need it. You will still find big savings on your electricity bills.
  • Choose ceiling fans certified with Energy Star rating to provide you high efficient cooling while also saving your money. An Energy Star fan uses 15 – 20 percent lesser energy than a regular fan, and an Energy Star fan with lights uses 60 percent less energy than a regular fan with light.
  • Go for a ceiling fan that comes with DC fan motor that is lighter and smaller than a typical AC motor. This allows them to consumer 70 percent lesser energy. The DC motor is silent and produces less heat.

The ceiling fan price comes within the budget for every household, and the high airflow of the fan will circulate more air and consumer less energy. The apt ceiling fan will complement your home decor as well as be energy-efficient. Make sure you select the best one next time you think of buying a ceiling fan.

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