Metal Buildings for Livestock

When we see metal buildings along the road, they are usually full of vehicles and other automotive or recreational equipment.  That is pretty commonplace but, have you ever considered using those metal buildings for other purposes like livestock for instance?  I say, “Why not?”  A carport-style building doesn’t need any sort of cooling system since it is wide open all the time and, they can be draped with heavy tarps in the winter.  Enclosed styles like garages and barns can have temperature systems installed pretty easily – even if they are free-standing fans or heaters.

Let’s take a closer look at how metal buildings can serve as livestock housing, shall we?

Let’s start with garages.  While most garages are somewhat small for livestock, they would work very well for chickens in the winter.  You could also house a few pigs or sheep in garages since they are fairly small animals.  You could also use garages to house and take care of a sick or injured horse or cow, maybe even two, if the garage is large enough.  Because garages are smaller and enclosed, they are very good choices for these sorts of purposes and, they are easy to heat and warmth is important to curing a sick animal.

On to carports – carports are not necessarily your best choice for winter housing for your livestock but, they are definitely a good choice for horse stables in warmer weather.  Carports are also awesome buildings for storing hay and other types of livestock feed any time or year!  A tall enough carport can keep lots of hay and grain good and dry for the entire winter and rainy season.  If the weather turns harsh enough, you can even use heavy-duty tarps on carports to further protect your livestock feed from the weather.

Now, on to the big one – triples!  Because of their immense size, triples can serve all sorts of livestock purposes!  In a triple, you can have mezzanine flooring installed to create a loft – in that loft, you can store hay and grain, tools and small equipment, and all sorts of other stuff.  You can even have stairs built so that you can get to the loft more easily.  Because of their size, triples are easy to divide into different sections to use for different purposes.  For example, you could fence off certain areas for your smaller animals (chicken and sheep and the like) while still having a number of stalls for horses or cattle.

Mind you, these suggestions speak more to really harsh weather or “sorting” your livestock for whatever reason – branding, selling, etc.  By far and away, it is better for your livestock to enjoy free range as much as possible!

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