Modern Drain Cleaning and Repair Solutions

In former times, a blocked drain could potentially cause a lot of damage, and finding the blockage was a feat in itself, often having to resort to digging random holes, yet technology has come to the rescue, allowing for inspections and repairs to be carried out in a non-invasive way. Of course, there are many things one can do to reduce the risk of a blocked drain, but even with best practices in place, older drainage systems can often become blocked, and in some cases, major repair is needed.

CCTV Inspection

Having the ability to actually see the interior of the piping enables the technician to quickly identify blockages and with a close up inspection of the entire system, any damage can be identified and repaired. Prior to this technology, the only way to really know the state of the drainage pipes was to try to gain access, yet with high definition cameras, the technician can closely inspect all pipe sections. If, for example, a homeowner had blocked drains in Ashford, there is one established contractor that covers the county of Kent, and with no call out charges, you can have your drains unblocked and also have a thorough inspection done at the same time.

Drainage Relining

Unheard of until a few years ago, this revolutionary system uses a uPVC flexible liner, and after the existing drain surface has been thoroughly cleaned with high pressure water guns, the uPVC liner is inserted and when in place, an inflatable inner sleeve expands the liner until if fits snugly against the inner pipe surface. This cures after a few hours, leaving a smooth and clean inner surface, which allows for waste to freely move, eliminating the chance of any further blockages. Relining is not the answer for every situation, and only a qualified technician would know if it is possible, and if not, they would recommend an alternative treatment. Relining the entire drainage system can give you many years of trouble free use, and should your home suffer from blockages regularly, relining will certainly be the best solution.

Emergency Drainage Services

If the worst happens and you suffer a blocked drain in the middle of the night, it is not something you should leave until the morning, and with round the clock emergency drain cleaning services, you can have someone there within minutes. This might be very costly, and by ensuring the contractor doesn’t charge extra for an emergency call out, you won’t be paying more than you should. If you haven’t got the number of such a company, an online search will bring up a list of potential contractors who can unblock the drains within an hour or so of making the call.

Technology has taken the guess work out of unblocking drains, and with an established company that has a good reputation in the local community, you can be sure of the very best of service at an affordable price.

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