Never Resort to Tree Topping

If you work with a tree surgeon who is knowledgeable in tree trimming and removal, he or she will never allow you to top a tree. This misguided practice is also known as pollarding, dehorning, or stubbing. The practice not only shortens a tree’s lifespan but it can create hazards in areas with a large population and traffic.

Why You Should Not Top a Tree

Reasons that topping does not work include the following:

  • Topping re-establishes a tree to its former size in a small amount of time. Topping is done to reduce a tree’s size. However, the tree’s rate of growth increases when it is topped. That is because a tree needs its leaves to produce for food or nutrition for the roots and trunk. Therefore, the growth rate does not slow until the tree returns to its former size.
  • Topping proves to be costly. Because topping needs to be performed every couple years, it can get expensive. A trusted tree surgeon company in Orpington can properly prune a tree so a spurt of regrowth is avoided.
  • Topping can detract from a tree’s appearance. When a tree is topped, it often becomes an eyesore. The tree even looks worse when it sprouts regrowth foliage in the form of sprouts and straight suckers. Therefore, the natural beauty of a tree or the looks of its crown can be removed in a matter of several hours.
  • Topping can make a tree a hazard. The top-heaviness caused by regrowth can lead to a blow-down of a tree in a storm.

Work with a Professional

If you want to make sure that your arborist is qualified to trim and prune trees, ensure that he or she does not support the practice of topping.

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