New Generation of Basements

Basements used a little more than a water cylinder, a fuse box and some storage boxes are a thing of past. Nowadays it is possible to transform a dark gloomy basement into a functional living space and add great value to your property, change household set-ups without needing to move.

However, this bold move towards the progress can be a serious undertaking as there a number of things, which make basements more difficult to alter than other areas of the home. These vary from house to house, but include relatively low ceiling heights, groundwater and rain, inaccessibility, leakage of radon, poor or no natural light or dampness. If you are planning to convert the basement space of your home to an updated,modernand renewed place for everyday living, then the best solution would be to consult an expert and avoid possible troubles and pitfalls. Many problems can be overcome easily without a huge price tag. Before starting any basement renovations carefully think over the new use you want it to fulfil.

House Renovations’ experts offer a lot of ideas for your basement subfloor installation to createa fully independent living area that can support a variety of activities. It can be used as:

  • a completely functional apartments with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen or a kitchenette, a family room with a fireplace and other decorative elements for teenagers, guests or elderly
  • a recreation area with various innovative options, such as a media room, a games room, music or art studios, a bar and even your own museum.
  • a well-equipped own office or a workshop
  • a laundry or well-organized utility spaces
  • a real wine cellar or brewery
  • a storage room for your favourite collections
  • a sauna or own gym and spa (sauna, bath or shower room) with a pool.

By converting your basement into a living, sleeping and cooking space you will add value and make it more desirable for sale. Fitting plumbing and electricity can add extra cost to finished basement but consider of it as an investment. Even if your basement is not very spacious, efficient designer will help you to find better solution to reveal its potential and usability.

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