Office Relocation Checklist. Leave Nothing Behind

Office relocation is stressful at best, with so much to organise, it is easy to forget something, and that usually costs time, money, or both.  Planning is the key to a successful relocation, so spend some time thinking about each and every step, before the day of the move arrives.

Packing for the move

Unless one is an expert, and has lots of spare time, packing the entire office contents is a job best left to the experts. An online search for handyman services will more than likely reveal an experienced office relocation company nearby, and they can take care of everything, leaving one’s employees free to concentrate on their work.

The new location

Before anything can be moved, the new office must be ready for occupation. Any minor maintenance tasks must be completed ahead of the move. For Western Australians, there are solutions, with Perth building maintenance provided by Men Behaving Handy, and they can also help with the actual move. Computer cabling and telephone lines must be arranged ahead of time, as no business wants to be offline, even for a few hours, so make sure that is covered well in advance.

The old office

More often than not, new tenants are lined up to take the old space, so one can’t leave anything behind. Even unwanted items must be removed, and either stored or scrapped, depending on the condition. Not only that, the building must be up to scratch, so if you are looking for quality property maintenance in Perth, there are online companies that can ensure the office is as it should be when the handover takes place.

Organise the move

There is usually a fine window for the relocation to take place, with the old office occupied by new tenants, and the new location only available after the pre-inspection is complete, so timing is critical. In the event that things do not follow the desired timeline, one can rent some temporary storage space to keep everything safe until the move can be completed.

Professional help

Unless one has an army of personnel and tons of time, it is best to let a professional office relocation company handle the entire project, from packing and transportation, to the relocation itself. This ensures minimum disruption to the business, and allows the business owner to concentrate on overseeing the operation, and with the experience of the experts, nothing will be left behind or overlooked.

A cost-effective solution

One might be tempted to save money by handling the move without the aid of a third party, and in some cases, this might work, but more often than not, it is the cause of major disruption to the business, and this can be far more costly than the relocation expense. The planning stage, if done correctly, will ensure that the relocation is a smooth operation, and the business will be up and running in no time.




Office Relocation Checklist. Leave Nothing Behind

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